19 Books Back on Florida Curriculum After Editor’s Changes

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — More books have been added to the list of approved math books authorized by the Florida Department of Education. In the past 17 days, FLDOE said it approved 19 books for re-inclusion, after edits were made by publishers. Previously, 54 of the 132 books submitted were excluded.

About a week earlier, only nine books had been reapproved, following the companies’ work to remove “attempts to indoctrinate students”, with the state describing the initial reasons for the rejections. The state continues to label rejected materials as “woke content”.

(Source: FLDOE)

When FLDOE announced the rejection of 54 books in April, they did not provide examples of the rejected content. The department later provided a small set of examples, due to the “volume of requests the department has received for examples of problematic items in recently revised course materials”.

FLDOE originally said that 41% of books submitted for review contained indoctrinating content, due to its inclusion of concepts ranging from social-emotional learning to critical race theory to common ground. Still, the department said “every basic math course and year” has at least one appropriate textbook to use for the upcoming school year.

The state is still reviewing text submissions for social studies textbooks in grades K-12. The process will end on May 13, when the department will announce the approval or rejection of each submitted book.

An updated list of approved or rejected math textbooks is available online.