A New Era for National Fisherman Begins – an editor’s note

April 12, 2022

Guest author:

Bob Callahan

Sunrise over the McCaffery Lobster Hull, Mass. Doug Stewart photo

To say the last two years have been tough would be a gross understatement, but when times get tough the tough get tougher and nowhere is that more true than here at national fisherman.

To NC we’ve used the pandemic as a catalyst for change and an opportunity to rethink everything we do to ensure we’re still providing our readers with the value we provided 70 years ago. The answer, according to a recent in-depth reader survey, is yes, but we’re doing it differently than ever before. Today we deliver more content across a variety of mediums to make sure we’re there for you, whether you’re in the wheelhouse, back on land, or roaming the floors of Pacific Marine Expo.

The future is bright for national fisherman with an all-new mobile app, a new quarterly format for our magazine, and a renewed commitment to delivering the best and most timely digital content in the industry through the new nationalfisherman.com site.

national fisherman maybe 75 years, but we continue to evolve and you could be part of the next chapter. We know you have a passion for the commercial fishing industry, but do you also have a passion to write about it for one of the most prestigious trade publications in the country? Are you a digital content creator who wants to support the NC mission of Informed Fishermen. Profitable fisheries. What about sustainable fish? If you answered yes to these questions, we’d love to hear from you. NC is currently looking for a new Digital Product Manager to steer the ship in both print and online and you might be the right candidate. To throw your hat in the ring, please email info(at)nationalfisherman(dot)com and let’s talk.

Here has NC we are excited to take this journey with our readers and look forward to continuing to provide you with the vital information you need to drive your commercial fishing business forward and that is one thing that will never change.

Bob Callahan
Group Editor/Vice-Chairman
National Angler Magazine