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With our 25th anniversary, I wanted to come back to some of our shoots. Initially, I had the idea to go back to our favorite photographers, but that turned out to be impossible, because there are so many styles and approaches that we cannot rank them one above the other. In the vast majority of cases, we loved working with all of them.

A safer bet is to watch some favorite covers from Lucireprinted editions. So many things have to come together on these: great photography, but also great design and art direction, and a cover that is a strong stake inside. So at least part of the responsibility lies with us here.

We begin this look back with the October 2006 issue in New Zealand, featuring former Miss World New Zealand and then MTV host, Amber Peebles. John F. Cooper was behind the lens, Daniela Shappee was in makeup and Riad Azar was in her hair.

This was the first issue we did after revamping the design model. It didn’t sit well with people at first, and I feel like we were slightly ahead of our time. But I’m proud of how it turned out and John organized a lot behind the scenes. There was a real sense of optimism with that question.

When Amber and I first met in the early 2000s, I said I could see her in New York; but I never thought that on this first trip, she would end up being one of our cover models!

January 2008 and this is the first issue of Twinpalms Lucire in Thailand, under the artistic direction of Miguel Kirjon. Richard Reinsdorf’s cover photo was the perfect image to launch our collaboration in Phuket. A series of very strong covers followed, and Miguel deserves full credit for them. This one is special because, if I remember correctly, I was the one who pitched the Richard shoot as a potential cover. Fortunately, Miguel accepted my choice. The shoot itself had previously appeared in the April 2007 issue of Lucire.

Raphael Mendonca styled this shoot, with hair by Riad Azar, makeup by Sylwia Rakowska, illustrations by Fabio Costa and models by Tanya Pilyukova.

In August 2012, issue 28 marked the first printed issue that Sopheak Seng and I worked on, and it was thanks to Vertia that we returned to a more reasonable A4 size instead of the oversized 235 by 335mm. (We originally considered an A4 in the early 2000s.) We redesigned the entire magazine and made it more contemporary. We also followed some of the ideas that Miguel had to Twinpalms Lucire with more emphasis on functionality.

Andrew Matusik photographed Denise Richards, made up by Joanna Schlip, hair by Richard Marin, hair by Lee Harris and manicured by Kristi.

A few months later, the next issue featured Laura Vandervoort on the cover, and I will always remember this one. Photographer Courtney Dailey shot a number of potential covers, but the real gem was a landscape shot. I thought she captured Laura perfectly, and luckily for us, she shot it at such high resolution that we were able to crop part of it to get this coverage. I don’t think she expected us to use the image in this way, but it remains one of my favorites in this format.

Jamie Dorman did the makeup, Shaina Schow the hair, and Lei Phillips the styling.

This issue won a Pride in Print award in 2012 in New Zealand.

In February 2016, Sopheak and I oversaw another redesign. We opted for a more minimalist cover and the order inside the magazine changed considerably. I was definitely influenced by Carry at that time, and picked up a bunch of magazines on a trip to London in 2015.

The cover image was perfect to go with this new look. Joanne Gair did the makeup and she was responsible for putting the shoot our way. Jennifer Massaux photographed, Eloise Cheung did the hair and Margarida modeled.

I think we made the right call with this style as we kept it (with tweaks) in 2022 and looking at this issue it still looks reasonably current.

March 2019 Lucire KSA came together beautifully and we chose to use an image from Nadine Attar’s collection – which seemed appropriate given that she was the main feature and we hadn’t shot anything ourselves. We don’t often adopt marketing images, but the quality here matched the level we expect in Lucireand it only made sense that KSA audiences would feature the work of a local designer on the cover.

Barely two months later, Lucire KSAThe May 2019 issue had this stunner from Lindsay Adler, in a shoot we called “Far Above the Rubies.” You can see we’re moving towards a more minimalist look despite needing all those cover lines, and Lindsay’s composition allowed us to do just that. Cannon oversaw the creative direction and styling, Joanne Gair did the makeup, and Linh Nguyen did the hair. Julia Riethof was our cover model here.

I was very proud of the July 2019 cover, especially since it was used by both Lucire and Lucire KSA simultaneously. We hadn’t been able to line up the cover debuts of two editions so well before. Jon Moe photographed actress Violett Beane, straight from her TV series god befriend mewith Jamie Dorman on makeup, Brittany Lovoi on styling and Lino Martínez on hair.

Lucire KSAThe December 2020 figure marked the end of a very difficult year to go through the COVID-19 pandemic, slightly affecting production. But thank goodness for the crew who took all the precautions you would expect in these difficult times. Damien Carney photographed, Nikko Kefalas handled creative direction and styling, Joanne Gair did the makeup, and Kirsten Brooke Anderson did the hair. Elena Sartison modeled, holding the record for the number of Lucire blankets.

One year later, Lucire Issue 44 has one of the most beautiful covers we’ve ever published. I felt we had introduced too many characters since the 2016 redesign: they kept coming back to the covers. As detailed online, I was influenced by some magazine covers from the early 1970s. And how can you resist the urge to feature Lindsay Adler’s incredible photography?

Our wonderful Joanne Gair once again did the makeup, Cannon from Cannon Media Group did the styling, Linh Nguyen did the hair and Morgan Fletcher did the modeling.

Lucire KSA has a different approach to the original Lucire, and as of 2021, it focuses on local cultural stories, depending on its audience. While the first Twinpalms Lucire had illustrations complementing the photograph, Lucire KSAThe January 2022 cover is the first to be fully illustrated. Marwa Hussien created the layout for this cover promoting Saudi coffee, and I really like it. Many fashion magazines have had illustrated covers throughout their history and this one brings brightness and joy, which we are happy to see.

Jack Yan is publisher and founder of Lucire.

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