Acclaimed writer-turned-editor talks about his newfound online stardom in Hollywood magazine

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Famous In Hollywood Magazine - January Issue

Famous In Hollywood Magazine – January Issue

Famous In Hollywood Magazine - April Issue

Famous In Hollywood Magazine – April Issue

A new celebrity online magazine that fills the void and caters to Gen X and Baby Boomer readers.

NY, NY, USA, April 26, 2022 / — Jay Christian, a renowned Hollywood journalist and interviewer for many decades, recently became the publisher of his own online magazine, for Gen Xers & Boomers, called Famous In Hollywood Magazine. He said: “I worked for a long time, writing the best celebrity stories, over the years. When I started, I worked with the late Robin Leach for a few years. What I believed in was that. was to write a good human interest story, to share and teach everyone how the celebrity overcame everything they faced in life and how others could learn from their example. Celebrities trusted me and I tried my best to tell a good story and I did, every time. In the Hollywood community I am known to be the most trusted interviewer and reporter .”

The new monthly online magazine is aimed at anyone over 40. Jay continued: “We all knew these celebrities, when we were growing up. All of my stories about celebrities are relatable and that’s what’s good about it. In today’s youth-obsessed culture and society , there really isn’t much to offer in magazines for Gen Xers and baby boomers. Famous In Hollywood Magazine fills that gap of the dearth of good reads for these generations. It’s about reconnecting , to remember and be proud of the people we are today. We grew up in the days when those great Hollywood celebrities are the greatest and always will be. People like: Anthony Quinn, Debbie Reynolds, Harrison Ford, Jamie Lee Curtis, Dick Van Patten, Michael Landon, David Cassidy, Brooke Shields, Barbara Eden, Bob Hope, Tony Curtis, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Elvira, Michelle Phillips, David Hasselhoff, Dick Clark, Monty Hall and many more others. I’ll be sure to share their stories with you, lest they be lost and forgotten.”

Mr. Christian decided to report stories of celebrities he has interviewed who have passed and to include new interviews with celebrities from the present. He said: “Some people say, ‘Why post a story about a celebrity who’s gone?’ The answer is that what they had to offer is still viable and important and still applies to us today, in everyday life.”

The magazine also features celebrity recipes each month, as well as special holiday recipes, giving Gen X foodies and baby boomers a full reading experience.

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