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He is worth $439 million. Steve Forbes is an American editor, publisher, and businessman. Steve Forbes is the editor-in-chief of Forbes and president and CEO of Forbes Inc., the magazine’s publisher, respectively. He ran as a Republican in the 1996 US presidential primaries.

Father Malcolm Forbes and grandfather BC Forbes were both longtime editors of Forbes magazine, founded by his grandfather. Originally from Morristown, New Jersey, Forbes traces its origins to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. He was born on July 18, 1947. Five children are from his marriage to Sabina Beekman; Moira was chosen as editor of Forbes Life Executive Women in 2007.

His first magazine, Business Today, was launched with the support of two other Princeton classmates in 1970. Now there is no bigger student publication than Business Today in the world. In 1985, President Ronald Reagan chose Forbes to lead the Board of International Broadcasting (BIB), which oversees Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

The net worth of Steve Forbes

The strangers were able to determine Steve Forbes‘ net worth based on publicly available information during the 1996 campaign. His family’s publishing house bequeathed him a fortune of $439 million, according to Fortune. To raise money for his presidential campaign, Forbes sold part of his stake in the media firm, which lowered that amount.

Net value : $439 million
Date of Birth: July 18, 1947 (74 years old)
Genre: Man
Occupation: Editor, businessman, editor, politician, author
Nationality: the United States of America

Hong Kong’s Integrated Whale Media Investments bought a majority stake in the media company in 2014 for $475 million, according to Steve Forbes remained editor of the publication, which was owned by the Forbes company.

Understanding Steve Forbes

Far Hills, New Jersey is the wealthy neighborhood where Malcolm “Steve” Forbes Jr. was born on July 18, 1947, and where he grew up for much of his life. He went to Princeton University.

He and two other undergrads launched Business Today while there. Since its inception, a student-run publication has existed. In 1970, he received a bachelor’s degree in American history from Columbia University.

Net worth of Steve Forbes

He was awarded an honorary doctorate in economics by Stevenson University in 2009. His wife, Sabrina Beekman, gave birth to five children.

For the most part, Forbes seems to have come to terms with the idea that he lives in the shadow of his colorful father, who died in 1990. The New York Times article in 1996 quoted him as saying that “great players, you know , remove the number.” As far as I know, my dad’s shoes have been taken off. Don’t even think about trying to stuff them. Your own shoes are needed.

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Forbes as COB and publisher

Net worth of Steve Forbes

He took the position of chairman of the board and editor of Forbes magazine after the death of his father.

Forbes was one of the first publications to see the potential of the Internet as a medium that would eventually overtake online media and broadcast media.

A 2017 review of his work shows “that in the mid-1990s most publishers believed that electronic publishing simply meant reproducing the printed page online.” In 1996, was founded as an independent newspaper, with its own editors and staff, instead of simply republishing print articles online.

Additionally, there were 36 local versions and 24 foreign websites for this newspaper at that time. Additionally, for its online publications in 2021, the publisher recorded 132 million unique page views, with six million print readers.

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Forbes in politics

Net worth of Steve Forbes

Forbes ran for president of the United States as a Republican in 1996 and 2000, spending a total of $69 million. He argued for a flat tax rate as a candidate. Medical savings accounts, privatization of Social Security, parental choice in schools, term limits, and a robust national army were also on his agenda. 2

For his bizarre campaign approach, Forbes has been compared to the character-driven campaigns of John McCain and George W. Bush in 1996. Despite this, he won two state primaries that year. Forbes “doesn’t come up as presidential,” according to a Republican campaign consultant.

The late sen. John McCain and Senator Marco Rubio are among the politicians who received his endorsement in the years after his retirement. At FreedomWorks, the National Taxpayers Union, and the Heritage Foundation, he served as a director or board member.