AnyMind Group Launches D2C and Publisher Technology Offerings in India

AnyMind Group, the end-to-end commerce enablement company, announced the launch of its direct-to-consumer (D2C) offering for enterprises, named “D2C For Enterprise”, as well as its publisher technology platform ” AnyManager”, in India.

In D2C for Enterprise, AnyMind Group will be rolling out its product line, namely AnyShop, AnyDigital, AnyX and AnyChat for the Indian market, complementing its established enterprise marketing offerings – AnyTag and POKKT.

According to the company, the combined offering provides marketers, online and offline businesses of all sizes with various tools and resources to accelerate their e-commerce and D2C growth, including e-commerce enablement, marketing and cross-border expansion.

New and established brands in the D2C and e-commerce space can benefit from the available solutions as they increase their reach and revenue by four to six times.

D2C for Enterprise has also included consultations for cross-border expansion, market research, business strategy consultations, multilingual support, as well as goods return management, order processing and waybill management. . Customers can choose two different billing models, including point solution pricing. and e-commerce as a service.

According to the company, India is currently a $1.9 billion D2C market and is expected to be a $100 billion D2C market with several cross-border opportunities for players by 2025. all the more important and urgent to achieve the right growth course for India.

Dharmender Khanna, Indian Head of D2C, AnyMind Group, said, “The D2C segment contributes approximately 1% to India’s FMCG, home and consumer accessories market and is well positioned to reach over 10 % of his contribution. In our first year, we aim to empower 10% of D2C brands across India with these products as we partner with brands of different categories and sizes. Simplifying the business needs of D2C brands will help sustain the entrepreneurial spirit and give momentum to emerging businesses in India.

“In FY2022, we aim to triple revenue growth for our clients, which will strengthen the entire D2C category through the optimization of their go-to-market channels. Having previously worked with various brands , adding our offerings would result in approximately 4x increase in revenue for our customers on their own websites and sellers can save 50% of their operational costs, furthermore it would allow them to cut operational costs and expenses in half. ads while building customer loyalty and reducing the reliance of D2C brands on marketplaces.”

The company has also launched its AnyManager platform for web and app publishers in India, which provides publishers with a single platform to access a wide range of solutions.

This includes monetizing 100+ demand partners via header bidding, programmatic or direct demand for display, video and rich media ads, audience identification solutions (ID solutions), web, app, and social media analytics, third-party ad verification, and tools for user engagement and speed improvement.

The full platform launch is complemented by a specialist team based in Mumbai to help publishers maximize the value of AnyManager. In April 2021, AnyMind Group extended its Google Channel Partnership services to India. This enables the company to also provide offerings, such as product consulting, inventory quality assurance, user acquisition consulting, and inventory revenue and sales optimization, that will allow publishers to generate their revenue and optimize the user experience using Google products. This has now also been extended for web editors.

Arjun Chadha, Head of Publisher Growth for India, AnyMind Group, said, “The Indian market is very diverse in publisher technology, with in-house, white-label and third-party technologies all widely used by publishers. Web and apps. However, never before has the market seen a tool as comprehensive as AnyManager, providing publishers with a single platform to easily leverage data, generate revenue, and optimize their properties across different dimensions.

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