Aylesbury-based charity gets major boost confirming updated deal with international publisher

Weston Turville-based Caliber Audio has struck a deal with Hachette UK, with the publisher sending over 10,000 audiobooks to the charity.

It’s an extension of an existing deal between the company launched in France and the nation’s only free audiobook service.

The two organizations have been collaborating since 2014, this updated contract means Caliber members can access over 10,000 Hachette UK titles.

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Richard Balkwill, was recently awarded for his volunteer work with the charity, photo by Ian Jamieson

This includes Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and audiobooks from authors such as Elly Griffiths, Cressida Cowell, Ian Rankin and Mark Billingham.

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They are available through all methods, members can access the books by streaming, downloading or copying to a USB drive.

Caliber Audio’s service is available free of charge to anyone who cannot read print.

Its 17,000 members have a range of disabilities that make reading and understanding text difficult, including visual or cognitive impairment, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and physical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, motor neuron (MND), Parkinson’s disease and arthritis.

The charity delivers 1,700 books a day and relies on its service for members aged 5 to 105, who can now listen to books for stimulation, companionship, education or just to get away from it all.

Anthony Kemp, CEO of Caliber Audio, said, “With Caliber’s membership expanding and embracing recent advances in technology, now is a great time to consider how we can better serve our members, and we are delighted that Hachette UK is giving them access to this incredible pool of books and authors in the format that suits them.

Caliber Audio enjoys top-level support with legendary actor Dame Judi Dench joining the team as a patron last November.

She suffers from an age-related illness that affects her ability to read, making her the perfect partner for the charity.

Jasmine Palmer, Co-Chair of the Hachette UK Accessibility Network, added: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Caliber Audio to allow its members access to more of our audio offering.

“Working with Hachette UK Accessibility Network, Caliber Audio helps us reach a wider audience and make it easier for everyone to access our content.”