Bill Pennington to retire from The New York Times

Randy Archibold | The New York Times

Bill Pennington, who for more than a quarter century has covered baseball, football, golf, skiing, the Olympics and everything in between, will retire from The Times in early September.

Bill was one of our best and most agile writers, and one of our kindest and most generous souls. He was one of the first journalists I worked with when I joined Sports in 2015, and I looked forward to our conversations and edits because I knew I would always come back learning something – about the sport, on Bill, on The Times. Her gems have always been delivered with spirit and grace, even under time pressure.

There was the weekend night this spring when Tiger abruptly pulled out of the PGA Championships just as the editor (me) thought our elegant catch (Bill) was safe. Bill quickly rewrote.

Early in my tenure on the desk, a certain editor decided that Jason Pierre-Paul’s absence from Giants training camp warranted a front-page look at an unsolvable stalemate resolved in most workplaces. with a doctor’s note. When I called Bill, he said something to the effect of, Yeah, OK sure and handed it to A1.

This is Bill, facing even ridiculous demands with a positive spirit, and fully and astutely accounting for seriousness or lightheartedness.

His last day will be September 9, but he has graciously agreed to continue contributing to the report.

“Perhaps the most important thing is that I will continue to contribute to the Sports Report. I’m just downsizing. For 25 years, the best part of being at The Times has been the feeling that every time I work with a colleague – which is on virtually every project or story – I work with the best journalists in the world.

Congratulations, Bill, on a brilliant career.