BL Manga Editor Futekiya Adds 12 ShuCream Titles

Manga publisher Boys’ Love futekiya has announced the upcoming release of 12 new BL titles from ShuCream.

The subscription-licensed publisher for the Boys’ Love manga, futekiya, has shared a list of upcoming titles in their library. Artists and their works who are fans of BL can be delighted to be: Emu Soutome (A kiss that stains innocence, I will never fall in love with a selfish), Keri Kusabi (The moans of the bound, The moans of the bound ;β), Niyama (Ask and you shall receive), Shiramatsu (Hatsujo Games Room), Yahilo Caji (I won’t say that I love you), Ichika Yuno (Dawn Lullaby), Akabeko (Nectar), Rui Asajima (The Descent of the Black Beast into Love), Osamu Moriya (The man who broke my world), and Iroha Utsui (under my skin).

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About Mangaka and BL titles coming to futekiya

Emu Soutome is a well-known BL writer and illustrator, famous for projects like 19-sai no Porno Endeavor and First come, first served. Their work A kiss that stains innocence tells the story of Prince Sirius, the naive son of a king and a concubine, who asks a mountaineer named Ombra for help. However, the king burned the village of Ombra ten years earlier, killing his parents. Ombra wants a chance for revenge, but Sirius can’t remember the past. A Kiss that Stains the Innocence is a love-hate story fueled by fate. Their other upcoming localized title ShuCream, I will never fall in love with a selfish, follows two playboys, Aohara and Masaki. After a power struggle over who should lead the relationship, a drunken night out changes everything.

Keri Kusabi is best known for works such as Caramelized Daddy Sex and their The moans of the bound series. The moans of the bound is an Alpha/omega story, with an Alpha who doesn’t like Omegas and an Omega who seduces Alphas. Takaba, an office worker who lands a job at a top notch company, plans to seduce his boss, Karasuma. The following, The moans of the bound ;βfocuses on a Beta who wants to protect an Omega and an Omega that a Beta has betrayed.

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Niyama is famous for his works, including my dear cop and An innocent puppy meets a two-faced cat. Their work Ask and you shall receive is about a Casanova named Shinobu who loves one-night stands. Frustrated when the straight, narcissistic “prince” shows up at his favorite gay bar, Shinobu can’t enjoy his usual late-night activities. However, “Prince” Hikaru might secretly take an interest in Shinobu, resulting in a rocking romance.

Shiramatsu is the author and illustrator of titles such as Sparkling days and Oboréru Triangle. Hatsujo Games Room is an unrequited love story between office worker Moriya and his classmate from 10 years ago, Tsujimura. When Tsujimura starts working at the same company as Moriya, Moriya’s boss Nanamiya steps in to help reunite the couple.

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Yahilo Caji is perhaps most famous for his next futekiya title. manga I won’t say that I love you follows the story of Minami Nashimoto, a young man who moves to Tokyo to pursue his dream of becoming a porn actor, and his interactions with fellow actor, Yuma Honami. Nashimoto initially finds Honami sarcastic and arrogant, but as they spend time together, Nashimoto’s feelings change.

Praised for being super talented, Ichika Yuna is an award-winning BL creator. Their first job dawn lullaby, ranked first in the BL Award 2022 and Kono BL ga Yabai! 2022. Lullaby of the Dawn is about Elva, a warrior priest whose life erodes every time he fights dark sea monsters. Alto, a boy who swears to stand by Elva and save her, stays by her side for eight years, growing into a young man. Elva, who had only a few years left to live, shows signs of recovery after spending so much time with Alto.

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Akabeko is the creator of Nectar, a story about host Leo who cannot forget his encounter with the prostitute Takahiro. After begging Takahiro to sleep with him again, they end up living together as friends with benefits until he catches Leo in a compromising position with a client.

Rui Asajima has created a few titles, but their work The Descent of the Black Beast into Love is perhaps their best-known manga. The Descent of the Black Beast into Love is about thief Karim, who sneaks into an underground auction where he finds Asena, a handsome young man with animal ears and tail. Karim buys out Asena on a whim and decides to take responsibility for it. Asena is extremely proud and treats the human Karim coldly until he suddenly changes his mind.

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Osamu Moriya is the author and illustrator of The man who broke my world. Although they are new to the industry, they have been working on becoming a Boy’s Love mangaka since they were around 12 years old. The man who broke my world is a top x top story following the characters Tachibana and Kuzumi. Tachibana likes cute, thin men and is attracted to Kuzumi, who pretends to be a bottom. Unfortunately, there’s more to Kuzumi than meets the eye, and Tachibana is going to be surprised.

Iroha Utsui is the creator of several Boys’ Love titles. under my skin is one of their best-known titles and tells the story of Kudo, a successful elite officer who doesn’t know true love. He meets the young and scheming carpenter Sato and finds the vivid feelings of an adult’s first love blossoming despite identifying as a straight man. Sato, who is serious about Kudo, wants to build a real relationship, unlike the fake relationships he had before.

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About Boys’ Love Manga Publisher futekiya

futekiya is a BL manga subscription service offering a service similar to Netflix. It started in 2018 as a BL manga news and culture website operated by parent company FANTASISTA, INC. The following year, futekiya transformed itself into an authorized distributor for BL manga and later launched its subscription service in 2019.

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Boys’ Love, or BL, is a popular genre that has grown steadily over the past few years. While there are often toxic tropes commonly used in this genre, there are wholesome BL manga that break free from unhealthy boundaries. Fans of the genre can find wholesome BL anime in the libraries of streaming services like Crunchyroll.

Although futekiya has yet to share release dates for their upcoming titles, readers can expect to read the first chapter of each manga once they are released.

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