C-SPAN hires a digital director

Press release | C-LIFE

Michael Piccorossi will join C-SPAN as the network’s first chief digital officer. He will help guide C-SPAN’s digital strategy, while working with multiple departments to produce digital products designed to improve C-SPAN’s user experience, analytics and results.

Piccorossi joins C-SPAN from the Pew Research Center, where he has worked for more than 12 years and most recently served as Managing Director of Digital Products and Strategy. Prior to Pew Research Center, Piccorossi worked for many years at US News as director of online operations.

“Michael not only has the ideal background and experience to guide our digital strategy, but he comes to us as a longtime C-SPAN viewer,” said Susan Swain, Co-CEO of C-SPAN. “This will be extremely helpful as he works across the company to help improve our accomplishments to date and further grow CSPAN’s digital presence.”

Piccorossi was also an adjunct professor in Georgetown’s Integrated Marketing Program. It will debut at C-SPAN on August 22.

On leaving Pew Research for C-SPAN, Piccorossi said, “I couldn’t pass up this tremendous professional opportunity to help another organization that is committed to bringing unbiased, unfiltered information to the American public.”

About C-SPAN:

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