Catheon Gaming, publisher of #1 fantasy multiplayer P2E game SolChicks announces new titles

HONG KONG, February 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Catheon Gaming, publisher of flagship game SolChicks, the first “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) fantasy game on the Solana blockchain, today announced that it has expanded its portfolio with two additional titles from games .

Special Collaboration – AngryMals characters wearing SolChicks skins

The first of two titles – SeoulStars, is the world’s first “Sing-to-Earn” (S2E) game, and aims to capture the incredible interest in popular Korean “K-Pop” music that has become a global phenomenon. . K-Pop covers a wide range of singers and groups, including names such as BTS, Blackpink and Jungkookincreased by 37% last year, and not only in Korea and Japan. There is a new generation of fans in the United States and Europe jumping on the K-Pop bandwagon more and more.

David Kimco-CEO of SeoulStars and partner of Catheon Gaming said, “K-Pop is truly a juggernaut of popular culture. It has erupted Asia and go global. What started with Psy’s Gangnam Style in 2013 will not be contained. We understood that there was a real demand for content and games that welcomed this trend, and with the popularity of casual game titles like Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution, we wanted to bring K-Pop to the world. We wanted the game to be as authentic as possible, so we partnered with the Korean Talent Agency HuMap, which helped tremendously. We’re also working on Web 3.0’s first virtual idol, Yuna, who will exist in the game’s Metaverse – she’s on track to release her first single in the game’s Alpha era.”

Tom Leesaid the CEO of HUMAP, “I’m so proud to be a part of this game – K-Pop is a Korean institution, and because it’s been nurtured here, it has real value. The world is starting to recognize that value. At HUMAP, we hope may this game excite global K-Pop and Korean fans.”

The second title announced by Catheon Gaming is AngryMals – which is currently live, with the “P2E” version launching in a month. The game is designed by Daniele Benovaz, CEO of AngryMals, who said, “I’ve been working on the game with a small team for a while and was really proud of the direction. I wanted to partner with someone with the reach and skill set to take the game as far as it can go. go – after speaking for dozens of publishers, it was Catheon Gaming. Now that we’ve improved our skills, we’re working hard to make the game the best it can be.

Speaking of the addition of the new titles, Thomas Seymourhead of strategy at Catheon Gaming said, “Catheon Gaming was built after the launch of our flagship game, SolChicks. The baptism of fire taught the team a lot about growing and scaling a community and transforming a great idea into a real product. The company’s DNA is focused on impactful execution. For Catheon, gaming is our passion. Our team is highly qualified and we cover blockchain technology, crypto, capital markets, capital -investment and leading brands. What unites us is that we are extremely passionate about bringing the most innovative games to the widest possible audience. We pride ourselves on excellence in execution, more faster than other gamers. If you have a game vision, or an unfinished product, contact us, and we’ll take that vision seriously.

Catheon Gaming is evolving rapidly – created in December 2021 little more than SolChicks’ core management team, the full team and its game development team now numbers over 130 employees in 30 countries. The group also includes an investment arm, Catheon Capital, which is made up of a small team of seasoned financial market professionals. They identify and undertake rigorous due diligence before deciding to invest. Catheon Gaming and Catheon Capital, as well as SolChicks and Seoulstars will be present dubai for the Global Blockchain Conference and Superverse conferences.

Catheon Gaming’s portfolio is growing rapidly, with the three existing titles soon to be joined by a number of others in development. The company is focused on working with both new games to ensure they reach the widest audience possible, or partnering with existing games to help them create value for players through a model.” Play-to-Earn” or NFT or a blockchain layer. .

About Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming is the fastest growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment company. The company’s flagship game, SolChicks, has raised over $55 million from various venture capitalists, institutions and launch partners. Powered by blockchain technology and a team of diverse international talent from companies including Google, Meta, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Equinex, Binance, and NVIDIA, Catheon Gaming is revolutionizing the gaming ecosystem by providing players with the ability to monetize their time and effort and the interoperability of the assets gained.

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