Changes at L’Union: new publisher, editor-in-chief at the newspaper

The Union — sold beginning June 1 to Gold Hill California Media Inc. — has a new publisher and editor.

In a decision made by the new parent company on Tuesday, current publisher Don Rogers will assume the role of publisher. Current editor Alan Riquelmy will assume the role of editor.

Julia Stidham – who last year served as associate editor after a long history with the paper – will step into her new position as editor.

“I’ve been an editor since May 2016, until Tuesday,” Rogers said. “I am leaving this position because we have new owners who have their own way of managing their newspapers. And they can see as we can see that Julia is a good fit for this job and she is more than ready to take this place.

Stidham, a proud Nevada County native, is thrilled to take on her new role.

“I feel like publishers grow in different ways,” Stidham said. “I grew up on the side of business management and advertising, so I will always focus on the business side.”

She added that she has already taken on other roles in this area, but for now she will focus on the transitions that need to happen with the new acquisition.

Of Stidham, Rogers said, “Julia is already a natural editor. She is very good at marketing and sales and has grown, but she has always had an interest outside of her own department. She has the spirit for it.

Rogers is a veteran of the newspaper business and has served as a reporter, editor and managing editor for several newspapers across the country.

Both Rogers and Stidham note that there will be changes that will be largely imperceptible to readers, such as a change in The Union’s broadcast and website.

“I think they will see differences as we move into our next phase,” Rogers said. “As we come out of the pandemic, we have a different leadership for the business. We’re under new ownership, but our focus is local. It’s community.

Stidham agrees.

“Within our internal community (at The Union), there will be a lot of system changes and I want it to be a smooth transition for (our staff) as well as our readers,” she said. .

As she accepts her new role, Stidham’s commitment rests with readers and the community at large.

“I really love our community and have a deep appreciation for the people here and for the location, the beauty of it,” she said. “I feel so lucky all the time to live here. I really like it here. I love the community and I think the people are great. I love the small town vibe. There’s always something going on. It’s amazing to be here.

Jennifer Nobles is a writer for The Union. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Julia Stidham

Don Roger