Death of the eminent publisher Sunil Mehta

Prominent editor Sunil Mehta – who brought the work of the best international writers to Marathi readers – has died in Pune.

Mehta was CEO and Managing Director of Mehta Publishing House and a very important figure in literary circles.

With over 150 new titles and 300 reprints released each year, Mehta Publishing House has made its presence felt in nearly every genre and sub-category of books with a dynamic roster of over 4,500 titles.

They have the most prominent Marathi writers and bestselling books under our umbrella.

So much so that with increased demand, the publishing house was prompted to print and publish translated versions of the same in many other Indian languages ​​including Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada and several others.

Mehta took over the business from her father Anil Mehta in 1986. The Mehta family has been in the book business since 1964.

With a keen business acumen, strong tenacity, commitment and an open mind, Mehta has kept her finger on the pulse of readers within and across the country.

Whether translating and publishing foreign and regional books in Marathi, publishing titles in English, launching e-book services or making their presence felt on social networking sites; all ideas sprouted in his clairvoyant mind.

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