DeepWell is a new Devolver Co-founder editor focused on mental health

Playing video games to feel better is something that DeepWell wants to encourage and see evolve.

Personal well-being, whether physical or mental health, is extremely important. While gaming can do a lot of good, Mike Wilson, the co-founder of Devolver Digital, believes more can be done to strengthen video games as a mental health tool. In order to achieve this goal of helping people, Wilson created DeepWell, a publisher that focuses on people’s health through the power of games.

According to a feature of Rebekah Valentine on IGN on March 15, 2022, DeepWell is a new publisher from Mike Wilson, co-founder of Devolver Digital. Wilson started the company with Ryan Douglas, a roboticist and former CEO of Nextern. According to Valentine’s article, the two bonded at a time when they were both disillusioned with their position and roles in their respective fields. And so the two joined forces to create DeepWell.

DeepWell’s focus will be to develop and publish games that benefit physical and mental health, with a primary focus on the latter. This desire to focus on mental health has been reinforced during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, where depression and anxiety have increased. For Wilson, he noted that video games could be a mental health boon after watching his son connect with friends through online games.

For a company just getting started, readers might be surprised to learn that we might see the fruits of DeepWell’s labor later this year. The company has already been in contact with a host of professionals from the video game sphere and the health industry.

A lot of good is happening here. More positivity, good vibes and anything that helps with mental health is always welcome. You can find out more about this new initiative on the Deep Well website.

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