Downham Market pupils help publisher’s book mission

Badger Learning is a local, Lynn-based supplier and publisher of educational books whose mission is to help schools stock their shelves with only the best books.

So who better to help the book experts at Badger Learning put together four new book collections for Key Stage 2 students than the kids themselves!

Hillcrest Primary in Downham is a school with a deep-rooted love of books and reading.

Hillcrest pupils with Mrs. White (assistant headmistress and (back row, second from right: Miss Fox (member of the Badger Learning production team).

Director, Matthew Try, said: “We believe that reading is the key to learning! The gift of reading makes it possible to seek all knowledge and opens the mind to a world of infinite possibilities, where everything is possible and where learning is limitless.”

Badger Learning’s book specialists traveled to Hillcrest to distribute almost £2,000 worth of books among their twelve Key Stage 2 classes. There was instant enthusiasm and enthusiasm from the children at the idea of ​​putting hand over these books and the company was not disappointed with the quality of feedback it received when it visited again four weeks later.

Children in grades 3-6 said, “The books were all amazing! The best book I read was about robots – it was exciting and taught me things about robots that I didn’t even know!

“I preferred non-fiction books. The colors of the story were so interesting. The photos made me want to know more and I went home to research the origin of the brown color! You won’t believe it!

“There was this really funny book about superpowers, and it made me laugh, like out loud. I gave it four and a half stars out of five – because I never give five!

“My favorite book was about football. It was a story, but it also taught you things about football. My favorite parts were the “Lay Your Team Aside” pages. He told you to turn to another page for how to take a penalty or something.

In addition to reading and reviewing the books, children in each age group were tasked with compiling a final list of their absolute favorite reads, giving Badger Learning direct access to what young readers are saying about the books and a invaluable insight into books that kids really enjoy and want to read.

Lisa Fysh taught at Hillcrest for 14 years and now works for Badger Learning, bringing her passion for education and reading to her new job in publishing.

She said: “It’s that delightful tipping point between reading out of necessity and finding that emotional engagement that carries the reader into a lifelong love of reading that we want to tap into. We’re sure kids of all ages at KS2 will love immersing themselves in these collections that guarantee laugh-out-loud moments, adrenaline-fueled stories, challenging perspectives and relatable characters.

The books have also been a hit with staff. A 4th grade teacher said, “The books have sparked so much discussion. The range of high quality texts on offer meant there was something of interest for everyone. It was very difficult for them to choose their final list!

In addition to donating all the books used in this project, Badger Learning is looking forward to visiting Hillcrest again towards the end of term, to award a prize to one student from each age group, who has written the most reviews. high quality books.

The new catalog is published in September: or visit