Easy-to-read articles with A/X Publisher

A/X Publisher brings back joy and peace with distraction-free articles.

A/X Editor is a platform created to help writers and content marketers publish their content in different categories. This platform believes in pushing people’s creativity to new limits.

At A/X Publisher, content published in various categories is both informative and current. Some categories include lifestyle, home, personal care, food, travel, reviews, and others.

The platform provides user-friendly, self-publishing functionality that is both unique and functional.

Julie J. Rekha, Founder and CEO of A/X Publisher, said, “This platform was created to help readers focus on engaging content without the distraction of pop-ups and unwanted ads. How many times have you clicked on a piece of information or an article only to find that the page is bombarded with unwanted spam? We believe using technology shouldn’t be stressful, which is why this platform was designed as a clean, ad-free, popup-free writing experience. People can therefore engage and increase their knowledge to a great extent with ease.”

Since the platform has no popups or ads, writers and content creators can also write without getting distracted by these issues. This self-publishing platform is easy to navigate, which allows them to give wings to their creativity and the result is breathtaking.

Its clean layout is what makes A/X Publisher so popular, as the low bounce rate and longer user engagement also make it good for SEO.

The population is made up of 54% women and 46% men between the ages of 25 and 50. There is definitely something for every age group based on their interests. Although based in Australia, they reach the UK, US, Southeast Asia, EU and other countries. There is also a Google translate tool for easy reading.

The platform offers three membership plans for users. The first is the Freebie Account, the second is the Occasional Writer, and the third is the Annual Legend. The Freebie is a free account, while the Casual Writer and Annual Legend account are paid subscriptions with additional benefits and publishing features.

For more details, visit www.axpublisher.com.

About the A/X Editor:

A/X Publisher is a platform that allows writers and content marketers to publish their work in different categories. This ad-free, pop-up-free e-magazine believes in pushing people’s creativity and reading experience to new heights.

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