Editor’s Note: Being Neighbors

A word from our editor.
Barry Loper

Once upon a time, I wrote an opinion column for the newspaper. I’ve come to love the “Hard Candy” discussion sparked Thursday morning (although I’ve gotten a few angry letters here and there.) A community that shares different opinions translates to an engaged community, and a community committed is an autonomous community. I used to tell people that I didn’t need them to think like me; I just wanted the column to make them think.

Newspapers should work not just to give you the news, but to stimulate discussion about the news.

With that in mind, I’m happy to report that Ian O’Hara has agreed to write an opinion column for The Gabber. Ian and I don’t always agree, but I like it. It makes me think. It is my dearest hope that he will make you think too. Please join me in welcoming Ian to the Gabber team as he writes a regular opinion column for us, ‘Letters From Your Neighbour’. Ian’s column will discuss his thoughts on local events, city news and wider topics. As someone who has worked for various political candidates and knows his community on a granular level, I suspect Ian has both popular and unpopular views. I look forward to reading both, and hope “Letters From Your Neighbor” gives you yet another reason to open the Gabber (or a browser window) on Thursday morning.

Speaking of Team Gabber, some of you may have noticed that we stopped giving out Jen Ring Food Bits a while ago. We didn’t talk about it at the time, but Jen had to quit because her scleroderma had gotten worse and she couldn’t work. Jen has spent the past few months as a full-time resident at Tampa General, but on Friday morning she received a much-needed double lung transplant. While it will take her a few months to recover, we are all grateful to the organ donor and surgeon who saved her life, and we look forward to a much healthier Jen returning to work with us ( and not just for her tasty photos and food reports, but because she’s a truly wonderful person and we’re glad she’s here!)

Thank you for reading and supporting us,


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