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Blaine Howerton in front of his brand new Jeep Wrangler (Photo by Blaine Howerton)

Have we heard enough about Covid? Omicron’s variance is rearing its ugly head and causing all those other issues, staffing shortages, closures, masks and more. This question is not meant to devalue the importance of getting information (especially about a pandemic). Reporting the news is absolutely our duty as a news organization. Our communities are waiting for it. But at North Forty News, we limit WHAT and HOW much information (in general) we share.

North Forty News is a solutions-oriented publication. This means that in almost all cases, when we publish a story or an article, we will find a solution-oriented reason to publish it. For example, if we publish the story on Covid, it is because the public must be aware to plan accordingly. We don’t have a solution to COVID, but in this ever-changing pandemic, we can provide answers to the latest questions about what’s really going on.

At the same time, it is our responsibility not to sow panic. It’s a balance we work with every day. I believe most of the time we make the right choice, but sometimes we don’t. After all, we are human.

I write a lot about my personal experiences living off the grid in this weekly column. Some people like to follow, while others have said it’s more like a diary. I write about these experiences to dialogue with our readers, to share the human under the hat of this publisher and to highlight a way of life that not everyone knows. I hope readers can learn or find humor in my experiences, as I certainly do! Navigating life off the grid is similar to managing that news publication; I never know what lessons tomorrow will bring, but I know it’s worth keeping pushing forward to see dreams come true.

I am regularly surprised and excited to see the feedback from our readers, positive and negative. The reality is that producing this weekly publication with a very small team is one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I do it because I love northern Colorado and I love journalism. Our community needs better journalism. And in 2022, North Forty News will continue to grow and increase engagement with our readers.

As difficult as it is for some of our readers to justify paying for a newspaper (which you could get for free), I ask for your financial support at some level. Every dollar supports our efforts and helps us better engage with you on the topics that matter most.

To business owners going through these difficult times – your support through advertising (no matter how small or large it may seem) also makes us better while putting your brand in front of tens of thousands of readers every month. Our readers and advertisers interact with each other.

This publication is locally owned and operated. Every major expense goes directly back to our community. As small as a few dollars may seem – those dollars are multiplied by ten (or more) in the circle of economy. This gives us the ability to keep the information there, so that our communities can benefit from it. Let’s all get involved in 2022! Will you join us?



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