Focus Press Printer implements NewsXtreme Cloud

Jeff Pawlowski | Presteligence

Presteligence, an industry-leading software developer and innovator, announces Aurora, Colorado-based Focus Press Printer as the latest user to implement NewsXtreme Cloud.

The solution

Focus Press Printer contacted Presteligence and Kodak for a highly automated solution for its DGM and Didde press lines.

The Focus Press Printer team chose NewsXtreme Cloud with the integrated business portal for an automated workflow from client job submission to plate output. By streamlining job submission, collaboration and proofing for Focus Press and its customers, Focus Press Printer can count on Presteligence services to efficiently manage the prepress process while minimizing errors, unplanned costs and delays.

After the files have been preflighted, checked out and verified by the customer, the pages are composed for the plates. Based on the predefined schedule, the system knows which pages need to be matched. It will also place registration marks, bend marks, text and barcodes depending on the template used. NewsXtreme Cloud supports page pairing and 4, 8, and 16-up imposition.

Commercial customers can now submit, review and approve their jobs before they automatically go into production.

With built-in preflight and auto-correction automation, the customer receives instant feedback if the file is ready to print.

The Focus Press Printers production team is notified when the job has been approved by the customer and is ready to plate.

forging a new path

Although the Focus Press Printer team is new to the world of offset printing, they have a cutting-edge workflow backed by Presteligence and Kodak. With the robust automated tools provided by NewsXtreme Cloud, Focus Press Printer’s production workflow is ready for current and future success.

NewsXtreme Cloud offers a host of features

NewsXtreme Cloud includes Ink-Miser ink optimization and PDF proofreader. PDF Corrector provides advanced preflight inspection and reports on common issues such as embedded fonts, color space usage, minimum text size, and image resolution conflicts. Ink optimization automatically replaces areas of cyan, magenta and yellow with an equal amount of black ink, saving up to 30% in ink consumption.

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