From CherryRoad Media Editor, Jeremy Gulban – Dodge City Daily Globe

It’s been about three months since CherryRoad Media purchased the Dodge City Daily Globe and I became its publisher. During these three months, many people have worked hard to redesign this newspaper as the premier local news source for Dodge City and Ford County. There were countless tasks to accomplish in order to successfully break away from the previous ownership group. Finally, this week we have reached the point where the Daily Globe is entirely prepared by our own team. With this transition, we will be implementing several changes.

I started reading The Daily Globe regularly last summer and immediately noticed three things. First, there was little local news. Second, whatever local news was written, it was written by Vincent Marshall and only Vincent Marshall. Third, the newspaper subscriptions were really confusing. Pricing wasn’t clear, and you kept getting those special editions you didn’t really want that seemed to speed up your next subscription renewal. You’ve probably noticed this too in the last year or two.

Upon taking over the paper in October, the reasons for two of these became clear. Vincent Marshall was the journal’s sole writer. He was an editor, journalist, sportswriter and everything in between. All other journalists had resigned or been fired in recent years. No wonder Vince’s name was on so many stories and no wonder the paper was filled with so much non-local news. When I first met Vince, I asked him what days he considered his weekend, and he said he could sometimes take Saturdays off. We immediately started looking for additional help for Vince. We placed an ad for a full-time reporter in the newspaper for over a month and received no response. Fortunately, we were able to convince Mark Shelton to help cover sports in a limited way as a freelance contributor, and we are grateful for his strong contributions to the publication.

I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate and admire Vince Marshall for his dedication to this journal. Since we cannot find additional staff to supplement Vince, we have made the decision to print the newspaper three days a week going forward, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This will allow Vince to focus on local reporting and write more quality, timely and impactful stories without the constant delays associated with printing five days a week. In short, we will deliver more local content pages, but on fewer days per week. We will continue to seek additional reporting talent.

We also want to address the cost of the newspaper. The cost of a single copy in the future will be $1.25. The cost of a subscription for home delivery will be $145 per year or $13 per month. The cost of a subscription for mail delivery in the county will be $158 per year. The cost of a subscription for out-of-county mail delivery will be $175 per year. Everyone will be charged the same price for each option, these changes will take effect upon renewal and sales tax may be charged additionally. The reason for the increase in the cost of postal delivery is due to recently enacted postage increases for newspaper delivery. In addition, we are eliminating all paid special editions. We plan to provide special editions and additional features, but these will be offered at no additional cost to subscribers.

We are excited about the future of the Daily Globe. We believe that this distribution model will allow us to provide you with quality local information at a sustainable frequency. We are dedicated to the long-term success of this journal and the staff who work so hard to support this community. Thank you for your continued support of the Dodge City Daily Globe. I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2022.