From the Editor’s Desk: Our Commitment to You – and Our Hope for Your Support

Dear readers:

Last week I sent the following email to those who subscribe to our MLT news daily newsletter. Several people urged me to repost it here, so that all readers are aware of our need for support.

Producing quality journalism costs money. Our editors and photographers are paid for their time and expertise, and we also have many other operational expenses. In fact, we have a full-time reporter covering the news in Mountlake Terrace and Brier, and we’re the ONLY independent journalism organization dedicated to reporting on both cities.

Over the past few weeks, I have reflected on the importance our community places on our work. Mountlake Terrace and Brier have a combined population of 27,000 and less than 25 local residents have supported us financially with a one-time or ongoing donation.

We have wonderful local advertisers, and I am continually grateful to them. But it has become increasingly clear that reader support is also essential to our survival. (Read more in my TEDX 2020 talk, here.)

MLT news has been covering the area since 2009, but we can only continue to operate if more readers step in. If you haven’t supported us yet, or if it’s been a while since you donated, do so today, at this link.

Teresa Wippel, editor

PS Already financial support? Please forward this email to other members of your family circle, friends or associates and encourage them to support us as well.