‘Frutti Dino’ creator secures funding from South Korean game publisher Neowiz

Monoverse, a blockchain game company and developers of the NFT play-to-earn game Fruity Dino, secures the investment of Neowiz, a global video game publishing company. Following Neowiz’s investment, Monoverse plans to launch investment products for virtual asset deposits and governance tokens as a separate GameFi service from Fruity Dino.

By participating in competitions around the world, many players fund themselves by earning prizArchive 4e money, unlike play-to-earn games, which offer capital just for playing. Play-to-earn games are a great alternative for gamers who don’t want to travel or stream to earn money, but rather earn money just by playing. Play-to-Earn game models that use NFTs also provide an added incentive for players who want to monetize their in-game assets.

Monoverse leverages the play-to-earn model by creating the Fruity Dino game based on the “Dino” character, which combines fruits and dinosaurs. Through partial leveling, crafting system and gameplay, users “grow” their dinosaurs to become more powerful and profitable. By partnering with Neowiz, a game publisher, Monoverse brings the play-to-earn model to the world of mainstream gaming.

In addition to developing its own mainnet, Monoverse continues to collaborate with domestic and foreign game companies in the fields of NFT game development, Defi game service and NFT-based content business.

“Neowiz’s investment is a huge vote of confidence for Monoverse. We hope this partnership paves the way for more games to make money in the gaming industry,” said Monoverse CEO Jaden Lee.