Gibson named new editor of the Star-Herald

Journalist Landon Gibson will be promoted to editor and publisher following the departure of Karen Fioretti. A native of Meridian and a graduate of Mississippi State University, Gibson joined the newspaper team in May 2021 as a reporter.

He graduated from Clarkdale High School and also attended East Central Community College and Meridian Community College, but first became interested in journalism in high school.

“I’ve always been good at English and language arts and loved those subjects. I had outstanding English teachers who inspired me,” he said.

But it was an experience he had in 2015 that really opened him up to the possibilities of a career as a journalist.

Big KRIT, a rapper from Meridian, was performing at the city’s Temple Theater. At 16, Gibson was too young to attend the concert, which was only open to those 18 and older. Gibson’s uncle, Fredie Carmichael, former editor of the Meridian Star, worked with the newspaper and the promoter to secure permission for Gibson to attend the concert and write the story.

“I attended the concert and got to meet and interview some really cool people. I loved seeing the article in the newspaper and found out I had a passion for journalism,” Gibson said. .

It was the first article he had ever published.

Another experience that fueled his desire to pursue journalism was serving as a Mississippi Senate page.

“My grandfather, Videt Carmichael, was a state senator and a great role model for me. I was lucky enough to page for him three times, and I got really interested in politics. J “Learned a lot and it was so cool to see his work on Capitol Hill. It was so much fun and I knew I would love to report on politics,” Gibson said.

To gain experience in the field of journalism while a student, he applied for and obtained a job as a student journalist in the Office of Public Affairs at MSU.

“I gained more work-related experience, and my knowledge went to a whole new level. I learned a lot from Allison Matthews, Harriet Laird and Sid Salter in that office. a big help in my writing,” he said.

It was around this time that Gibson says he “fell in love with the difficulty of publishing stories”.

In addition to writing short stories, Gibson has also written feature stories and worked with social media.

“I enjoyed telling the stories of people on campus. Through this job, I gained a lot of experience and became convinced that I had the skills,” he said.

As graduation approached, he heard about an opening for a journalist at Kosciusko and contacted editor and publisher Karen Fioretti.

“Landon has strong skills and a great attitude and work ethic for someone who just graduated from college. It was obvious to me that he had a genuine passion for print community journalism, as well as skills cutting edge technology and social media,” she said. “I knew he would be a perfect fit, not only for the Star-Herald team, but also for the communities we serve.”

After spending nearly a year with The Star-Herald as a reporter, Gibson said he was delighted to have the opportunity to take on the new role of editor knowing he had great shoes to fill.

“Karen Fioretti has done an incredible job of providing in-depth stories each week that are of the utmost importance in keeping our communities and readers informed,” he said. “She was the perfect mentor, teaching me what it really takes to be a journalist and how to produce a quality newspaper every week. Although her leadership will be missed, I plan to continue our mission while maintaining the same dedication to our readers and our communities.