Global fashion and youth publisher Dazed Media launches in Australia

Global fashion and youth publisher Dazed Media launched today in Australia.

Dazed Media has partnered with Citizens Of Culture, a local youth media and branded content consultancy, to work directly with brands on building its content marketing development and project management.

Launched in London in 1991 and connected to over 200 million people digitally and 4.9 million on social media, Dazed is an independent fashion, culture and arts publisher championing radical fashion, music, art, film, politics, ideas and youth culture.

Dazed Media’s journey into the Australian market began with a launch partnership with Burberry in February 2022. There will also be announcements for another local team to come.


Dazed Media Managing Director Priya Matadeen commented, “As we enter this new era of Dazed with a more global focus than ever, Australia is a key market in our strategy to grow our global community. Citizens is a critical partner for us – we’ve aligned with a shared desire to create more impactful, purpose-driven communications with key brand partners – not just reflecting culture, but creating and shaping it together. We look forward to beginning our journey in Australia and working with Citizens to bring our projects to life, bring our communities together and bring homegrown talent to the global stage.

Citizens Director Mia Patel added: “Dazed offers a new storytelling proposition for high-end fashion and luxury brands in the Australian market. Her unique voice represents the times and questions the future, highlighting a global point of view and perspectives that reflect our growing and diverse world through fashion, music, art, politics, movements and culture. culture. We look forward to collaborating with Dazed and the brands to tell their stories to the pioneers of Australian culture and fashion.

Online, in print, on social media and through campaigns and events, Dazed aims to empower young people around the world through creativity. From its London headquarters, Dazed operates Dazed Digital, Dazed magazine and social media including Dazed and Dazed Fashion. Outside the UK, Dazed has offices in China and Korea, with both digital channels and print editions.

In 2021, Ib Kamara joined as Editor-in-Chief of Dazed, Lynette Nylander as Executive Editorial Director, and Gareth Wrighton as Art Director.

Cover talents include Rihanna, Harry Styles, Marcus Rashford, Billie Elish, Lil Nas X, Frank Ocean, Selena Gomez and Lana Del Rey.

Dazed is part of Dazed Media which includes the media brands Another, Dazed, Dazed China, Dazed Korea, Dazed Beauty and Nowness. The company’s new division, Dazed Studio, creates brand campaigns in the luxury and lifestyle sectors.