Google adds new publisher verification badges to extension listings in the Google Web Store

The right Google Chrome extensions can revolutionize your workflow, and Google is looking to make it easier for users to find the best, most trusted Chrome additions, with new badges in Google Store listings to highlight great extensions and developers.

According to Google:

Today we’re announcing two new expansion badges: the Featured Badge and the Established Publisher Badge. Both badges are live on the Chrome Online Store today.

the The featured badge will be awarded to extensions that follow Google’s technical best practices and meet high user experience and design standards.

As you can see here, the new badges will be visible in Chrome Store listings, adding an extra level of assurance for these hand-picked additions, each of which has been manually reviewed by the Google team.

The second badge identifies “Established Publishers”, meaning extension developers who have verified their identity and demonstrated compliance with Google’s Developer Program policies.

Google Chrome Web Store Badges

The additions will provide more assurance as to the quality of each extension, and with various apps and developers using Chrome extensions to track and collect user data, it’s good that Google is looking to provide more clarity on this front, which which will also help top developers drive more interest in their offerings.

Indeed, after the Cambridge Analytica scandal at Meta, users have become increasingly suspicious about what each extension tracks and how that information might be used. And with Apple’s ATT update limiting data collection for advertisers and developers, many more are now looking for other ways to get additional information, and extensions like this could be another way to get more information.

Google says publishers can’t pay to receive either of the new badges, though they can submit a request to have their extension reviewed to receive the featured badge through the support page.

This could be a good way to make sure you’re using the best tools and avoid potential scammers looking to exploit Google’s system.