Google agrees to pay for Wikipedia content

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A journalism degree can take the budding reporter far, but it’s a lifelong passion for journalism that recently led Francesca Chambers to be named Gannett’s White House correspondent for USA TODAY. She shared the roots of this passion during a webinar in late May 2022 with Mike Blinder, host of E&P Reports and editor of Editor & Publisher.

Although sponsored content and its sibling format, branded content, are by definition marketing tactics, when they provide important information, people engage with it with pleasure. News publishers have traditionally provided the essential part of this information: who, what, when, where, why and how. Now they have the ability to provide the part that today’s consumers and readers are also looking for: content about home life, fashion, food, pets, travel and thousands of other subjects.

The timeless search for contract experts to come up with new ideas is quite a common practice in the business world. And whether it’s a consultant, subject matter expert, or anyone else, it’s critical in these situations to think about why you brought in someone to look into the situation and give their assessment. And, once you have someone you know can help you, you have to listen to them!

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