Harry Potter publisher reports surge in sales amid reading boom

It seems like people haven’t stopped reading or buying Harry Potter books despite all the JK Rowling controversy over the past two years. Indeed, according to BBCthe COVID reading boom persisted and drove banner sales for Harry Potter the Bloomsbury publisher.

Bloomsbury manager Nigel Newton is delighted that this reading boom is here to stay. “The surge in reading, which seemed like one of the only ray of light in the darkest days of the pandemic, may now be proving permanent,” he said. “The question running through our minds was: will the pandemic reading spurt continue? We now know the answer: reading has become a newfound habit and continues to thrive.

So how did Harry Potter benefited from this reading boom? Find out below!

Harry Potter book sales increase during reading boom

According to UK Nielsen Bookscan, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the sixth best-selling children’s book of the year, 25 years after the novel’s release.

As the pandemic raged and people were stuck indoors, it only makes sense that they would turn to reading. And if that ignites a passion for books that survives the pandemic, so much the better!

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