Hot air balloon pilot launches disruptive ad-tech platform

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Hot air balloon pilot and co-founder of The Bot Lab, Eliav Cohen, launched Helium, an AI-powered advertising technology platform that allows consumers to converse with brands in real time on articles and third-party sites. The first of its kind, the proprietary platform eliminates the need for readers to visit a brand’s website to track their interest in a product or service. Instead, they can get their questions answered on the spot, just by clicking and chatting through a chat bot.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the chatbot’s market value is expected to reach $102 billion by 2026, representing a compound annual growth rate of 34% from 2020. “The pandemic has accelerated the medium,” says the co-founder and professional balloonist, Eliav Cohen, who discovered an unmet need in the chatbot space after using bots to automate the booking process for his hot air balloon company, Seattle Ballooning. “Not only has this accelerated the medium, but the advertising space is ready to be reinvented. It is no longer enough to click on an ad on a site cluttered with tiles and pop-ups. People want a clean experience where they can digest content and get their questions answered on demand.”

Using Amazon’s AI technology, the ad offers a range of benefits to Helium customers:

  • For publishers, it provides a new type of advertising unit and revenue stream, which allows them to keep readers on their site.
  • For brands, it provides a new channel to connect directly with prospects at their highest moments of intent – ​​while browsing a topic related to their product or service. It also integrates seamlessly with any chatbot platform a brand may currently use.
  • For users, it reinvents the consumer experience by eliminating the need for redirects, clunky forms, and tedious searches.

The Bot Lab specializes in working with CMOs and marketing managers to generate new leads and generate revenue through a frictionless journey from advertising to purchase. Aptly named, Helium is Bot Lab’s next foray into conversational marketing and can integrate with any chatbot platform.

Brands, publishers and partners can book a demo on the Bot Lab site to learn more:

About the Bot Lab:

Since its inception in 2018, the company has built a strong reputation for top-notch AI services, working closely with conversational marketing major Drift and others. Having built hundreds of bots for midsize, enterprise, and Fortune 500 brands, The Bot Lab team is united by the belief that contextualized conversations are the future of marketing and user experience at home. digital era. With the launch of Helium, The Bot Lab continues to shape the future of marketing. The Bot Lab is 100% self-funded.

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