Independent publisher VGNYsoft announces oversized evolution for Nintendo Switch

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, Sept. 1, 2022 / — Publisher/Distributor VGNYsoft announces its first digital release with the Nintendo Switch iteration of Overdrive Evolution with developer TOMAGameStudio. It will be available on the Nintendo eShop on 09.02.2022 for $14.99. Through the partnership of VGNYsoft & TOMAgamestudio, Overdrive has evolved into the start of a new trilogy of accessible SHMUPS designed to provide game modes for both traditional bullet-hell fans and newcomers to the genre with its multiplayer and challenge. Additionally, the evolution of this title was to return once-deleted story elements to the game, which laid the foundation for stronger storytelling in future sequels to the Overdrive series.

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Description of the game:
Overdrive Evolution takes you on a challenging journey through the Kruuthian Empire with an ever-changing, expertly crafted and action-packed universe.

Embark on an epic journey to destroy huge bosses. Get ready for an action-packed experience as you dodge thousands of bullets and solve fast-paced puzzles with your mighty spaceship. Prepare for deadly challenges that require both good gear and mastery of the game.

In each thrilling race, you’ll face more enemies, more bullet patterns, and more menacing bosses, guaranteeing countless hours of thrilling gameplay. Enjoy new and improved 3D scenes, graphics and environments. The entire game can be played solo or in local co-op with up to four players. Join the adventure to defeat Emperor Kruuthian.

Choose from three different spaceships to complete these challenges, one of which you will need to unlock. Overdrive Evolution is packed with collectible artifacts, hidden items, and a long list of achievements for dedicated SHMUP fans and finalists. Be sure to collect all 50 alien artifacts, find all 10 hidden space cows, and complete all 75 in-game achievements.

Beat your high score on the local leaderboards for all modes and difficulties, and listen to the instrumental rock soundtrack available in the game menu.

Includes seven unique game modes:
– STORY: Four difficulties: EASY · NORMAL · HARD · NIGHTMARE
– ARCADE: Can you beat the game with just a few continues?
– MANIC: Test your real arcade skills without health bar.
– THE LINE: Use all your knowledge and mastery to keep enemies away from the red line. – TEN CHALLENGES: Replay each stage with a different objective.
– COLOR-REFLEX: Involving 56 new and improved Puzzle-Maps mixing match3 and shmup! – BOSS-RUSH: Use everything you have as an expert pilot to defeat all the bosses in a row.

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For more information, please contact: Daniel Mastin – VGNYsoft PR [email protected]

About VGNYsoft: VGNYsoft is an independent New York-based video game publisher/distributor. Specializing in unique and interesting titles that they can make physical copies for fans and collectors, they strive for excellence in all aspects of their products and look forward to frequently expanding their collection with new titles. Recent titles include Guns N’ Runs, Demoniaca: Everlasting Night, and Crisis Wing.

About TOMAGameStudio: TOMAGameStudi is a small independent game studio located near Nîmes in the south of France. The team is made up of two people who put all their passion into their work to make fun and retro arcade-style games. Overdrive Evolution is the 6th game from the studio.

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Overdrive Evolution (Nintendo Switch) – North American Digital Release Trailer