IRIS.TV joins the Amazon Publisher Services marketplace

IRIS.TV announces that IRIS-enabled streaming, FAST and CTV publishers can now use their integration with Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Connections Marketplace to generate revenue through contextual advertising. APS customers can now use contextual and brand safety segments from their data partner IRIS for forecasting and targeting, improving results for CTV advertisers when running ads in their commercial breaks.

As viewers continue to switch to CTV, marketers are demanding the level of content transparency they expect when purchasing linear television. Until recently, content data signals focused on application, channel and self-reported genre, not video level and were not verified by third-party contextual data and brand safety providers. . Access to standardized visual, sound, and motion data that has been analyzed and categorized using techniques such as computer vision and natural language processing is key to understanding content relevance and appropriateness.

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We have spent several years building a framework for video data connectivity to increase the availability of video-level content data for publishers and marketers to improve user experience, ad effectiveness and brand safety, the company explains. We believe in helping publishers create scalable, revenue-generating solutions that don’t require them to overhaul their technology stack. With APS, the process is further simplified, making video-level contextual data available for campaign planning and targeting within the ad server.

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