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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, WHITE PLAINS, NY and YONKERS, NY – February 28, 2022 – We open today’s Blog Talk Radio show with John Bailey, publisher/editor of the White PlainsCitizeNetReporter.

  1. Westchester County Executive George Latimer set up a cybersecurity task force with Ruth Walter, chair of the cybersecurity task force. We question what or why substantiation of this position is required. Is there a gap in the county’s security capacity? Is there another concern?
  2. White Plains state senators are calling for a freeze on Con Ed rate hikes to ease consumers’ inability to meet rising electric bills.
  3. White Plains Business Improvement District launches March 1st upgrade to free fare at grooming, beauty, skincare and specialty services in downtown White Plains – 25% off starting Monday, March 1st.
  4. White Plains High School principal releases statement on an attack that took place last week in which a student was filmed being assaulted by fellow students in the men’s washroom. It is understood that the director reviews the code of conduct. The incident is still under police investigation. From 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Michael Edelman, Esq., political analyst/expert opens the second segment.

  1. He delves intoSocial truth», the new social network of Donald Trump to which Nick Fuentes, is referred to as a “white supremacist” in Justice Department documents. “Truth Social”, Donald Trump’s new social network, has an account for Nick Fuentes. The finding was gleaned from a screenshot of the account shared with Axios. The Trump-backed network obviously welcomes a figure banned by mainstream social media and shunned by some other conservative platforms, including Gettr, the app created by Trump’s former aide. Jason Miller. Is it likely that viewers will ever discover Nick Fuentes’ “white supremacist” credentials when he’s online? If so, is it likely to engage or disengage the audience? How does Trump maintain momentum?
  2. Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene addressed the America First Political Action Committee conference on Saturday, an event hosted by Nick Fuentes, who has been called a “white supremacist” by the Justice Department. Greene is the second Republican representative – with Representative from Arizona, Paul Gosar — to associate with the racist fringe.
  3. the Biden Administration plans to accelerate the return of the federal workforce this week, as the White House seeks to show the country that in-person work can be safe. President Biden advises most Americans to return safely to the workplace. Biden’s team discusses how best to send a clear back-to-work signal to America — perhaps in the State of the Union address on Tuesday, or in a separate COVID address later in March.
  4. U.S. Capitol Police will fence off the Capitol building ahead of a possible protest that could be aimed at disrupting Tuesday’s State of the Union address, the agency said in a statement Sunday. The Capitol has recently experienced several major security incidents, including the Jan. 6, 2021 riot, and officials are now on high alert for potential threats, Axios’ Andrew Solendar wrote. From 10:30-11am EST.

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Grandstand Editor/Editor dives into the latest hyperlocal, city, state, national and international news with proportionate analysis. 11am-12pm EST.