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WHITE PLAINS, NY, and YONKERS, NY – February 21, 2022 – We open today’s Blog Talk Radio show with John Bailey, publisher/editor of the White PlainsCitizeNetReporter.

  1. The assault of a White Plains High School student being assaulted and beaten in a boys’ school bathroom was caught on video camera. Four White Plains High School students are seen on video being slapped, punched and kicked while on the floor. White Plains Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca was outraged upon seeing the video. While Dr. Ricca was informed that the student who was attacked was known to the assailants, As for the student who was hit and kicked, Ricca said the individual was not seriously hurt, “But I’ll tell you who’s not well: the school community is not well. We don’t agree!” The question may be how and why have we degenerated into hurting people we know and people we don’t know, and more specifically, why?
  2. We seek to learn why Westchester County chose to form an Opioid Response and Overdose Initiative in light of an increase in overdose deaths over the past 2 years by expanding the availability, and the public to administer overdose intervention treatment, Narcan, PO boxes and Fentanyl test strips. Is this change of course, of course, a response to the failure of the ban by law enforcement? Why are banned substances still capable of encroaching and undermining societal norms and the law? What does the Covid-19 pandemic have to do with this problem? We’re told the Westchester County Departments of Community Mental Health, Health, Human Services, Public Safety, Medical Examiner’s Office and County Executive’s Office have partnered with the District Attorney’s Office. of Westchester County and to local and federal law enforcement to launch the opioid response. and Overdose Prevention Initiative (ORI). ORI brings together key stakeholders from across Westchester County who work collaboratively to prevent overdose deaths and save lives. If so, that they prevent overdose deaths, how and why did the collaboration fail? 10am-10.30am

Ron Matton follows thereafter. We find out about his exercise routine and wonder what sustains his lifestyle regimen, if his personal challenge was emboldened and energized by internet associates and who also took up the challenge and supported himself in this endeavor. The question was, and still is, is the lifestyle change mental or physical, or is it day-dependent?

  1. Ron Matten undertook a training program to support himself and those who joined him during the last months of winter and the first days of spring. We learn if his efforts encouraged him or if they defeated him and learn why.
  2. Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​said crime statistics have declined. We question the integrity of this premise. From 10:30-11am EST.

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Grandstand The editor/editor delves into the latest hyperlocal, city, state, national and international news with proportionate analysis. 11am-12pm EST.