Launch of Marble Press Publisher supported by seven-figure investment

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Marble Press LLC, a San Franciscopublisher based in Paris with three subsidiaries, announces its official launch.

Marble Press was born out of a collaboration between various authors and illustrators of children’s books. The company secured a seven-figure, multi-year funding commitment from California-based venture capital. This team, led by Susan Szecsi and Jon Collins Blackhas over five decades of business experience.

“Our mission is to publish books that inspire children, books that challenge their imaginations and spark their curiosity. Our books will be diverse and honest. We are truly looking for books that will stand on their own by offering new perspectives and outside the box experiences,” Szecsi added.

Marble Press announced that it has three subsidiaries: Marble Books, Bulooga Books and Taltos Books. Marble Books will represent children’s picture books. Taltos Books will market books for middle-aged adults and young adults, and the Bulooga brand will publish books for young readers.

Marble Press is already in talks with some of the leading authors and illustrators in the children’s book industry. The company plans to release several children’s books in its first year and grow rapidly from there.

“We aggressively seek out the best authors and illustrators, both established and unknown,” Collins-Black said. “Our goal is to find and develop great stories. We believe the team at Marble Press has the experience and funding to compete with established brands, while bringing the enthusiasm, energy and attention from a startup. The publishing industry can be frustrating for writers and illustrators. By providing personalized service to our writers and artists, we want the process to be fun and exciting. We believe this philosophy will produce the best books for our readers.

Marble Press is available for open submissions from children’s book authors and illustrators at the time of this press release. Agent submissions are also welcome. More details can be found at

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