Launch of the Kinda Brave editor; Will focus on green indie games and fair working conditions


Swedish publisher Kinda Brave opens as the company revealed in an announcement earlier today that it will work to create an environment that incubates new studios, diversifies the industry and reduces carbon emissions .

You can check out the official trailer and statement of core values ​​below:

  • PEOPLE: While people, players and the planet are all equally important, it all starts with people. Kinda Brave has focused on creating healthy and enjoyable workplaces based on equality and inclusiveness. Together with RFSL, the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Intersex Rights, Kinda Brave is set to become the world’s first LGBTQI-certified game company. The group also announced its sponsorship of DONNA, a local Swedish organization dedicated to involving more women and non-binary people in the gaming industry, in part by encouraging increased enrollment in game development education.
  • PLAYERS: In the same vein of inclusivity and respect, and with more effort to unveil ahead of its first releases, Kinda Brave has decided to become a trusted publisher in the gamer/disabled gamer community, committing additional resources and time developer to set a minimum standard of accessibility features for all of its independent titles. Each studio will house an Accessibility Champion, with Kinda Brave funding their training and certification by the charity AbleGamers.
  • PLANET: Through careful choices of suppliers and manufacturers where possible, reusing old electronics and furniture, and minimizing travel, the entire group has kept total 2021 emissions to 90 tonnes of CO2, achieving climate neutrality through Gold Standard compensation. To further reduce emissions, the group is exploring ways to power and heat its offices with renewable energy and technology for environmentally friendly gaming settings, aimed at reducing overall energy consumption for gamers.

According to the press release, Kinda Brave has already signed three development studios, and they will be implementing a “Hybrid Indie model” approach with each of them. This model takes a non-commercial approach to game development, focusing instead on the day-to-day support and growth of studios and their employees, allowing each studio to devote all of their time and energy to developing quality indie titles.