LEGO Outer Wilds ship could become a reality after editor’s cry

A gamer posted on LEGO IDEAS conceptualizing a set of Outer Wilds starships. After a Tweet from Annapurna Interactive, the set could come true.

A Lego set based on a ship from the cult classic survival game Outer Wildlands could become a reality. This concept, if realized, would be far from the first or the last time that the legendary toy brand collaborates with the video game world via physical products – a recent leak even suggests that a Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order A LEGO set could be in the works.

In Outer Wildlands, players are tasked with exploring a mysterious little solar system as a young alien. During their adventure, players will encounter stormy planets, charming NPCs, and ancient ruins dotted with rare details from the past. Rather than selecting these various planets, asteroids, and space stations through some sort of in-game menu or interface, Outer Wildlands gives players a ship that can be used to seamlessly traverse the solar system at will, with the time it takes to move between celestial bodies taking the place of loading screens. As such, this ship becomes a central part of the experience for many, serving as a safe hub that can be returned to after exploring dangerous Outer Wildlands areas like Dark Bramble.


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Fans of this exploration-centric game might be interested in the prospect of a collaboration between Outer Wildlands and LEGO. Editor Annapurna Interactive sent out a Tweet with a link to a LEGO IDEAS page detailing a concept for a Hearthian Ship LEGO set. In the body of the Tweet, Annapurna Interactive states that if the LEGO IDEAS post reaches 10,000 supporters, it will be officially reviewed by the LEGO team as a possible post. Annapurna Interactive continues to gush about the design of the plastic ship and the Hearthian figure that was conceptualized alongside it.

This collaboration, if it comes to fruition, would likely be welcomed with open arms by the gaming community. While the famous Danish toy company is more likely to partner with huge AAA IPs like Forbidden Horizon West for LEGO sets, the pressure and enthusiasm of the community might lead him to take over a somewhat smaller property. When it comes to low budget games, Outer Wildlands is definitely one of the most beloved, so this LEGO build is very much within the realm of possibility.

As of this writing, the LEGO IDEAS publication is approaching 2,000 supporters. Anyone who is a fan of Outer Wildlands or is simply intrigued by the prospect of a new video game-based LEGO set might want to think about pledging to support the concept. Hopefully the passionate fanbase of Outer Wildlands go out and bring that Lego ship to life.

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Source: Annapurna Interactive/Twitter

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