Letter to the editors: This editor is broke

By Blaine Howerton, Editor
North Forty News

We all see price increases. Not to mention, no more groceries, no more gas, no more everything.

I can’t even go through a drive-thru for less than $35 (for my sons and me).

North Forty News is also experiencing an exponential increase in our spending. Things like paper, gas, postage, deliveries, etc. – and staff costs jumped by more than 30%.

As a publisher, I make every effort to sustain operations while improving them. For example, I go every Monday to the Cheyenne print shop to pick up your newspaper. This saves us the cost of delivery to Fort Collins.

As Northern Colorado’s only free regional weekly, I believe our duty as journalists is to make information accessible at the lowest possible cost.

To do this, North Forty News relies on subscriptions and advertising. We have seen many of our advertising partners slow down their payments to us.

They are our colleagues and friends, we understand. And we work with them. But, all this poses a problem that must be solved.

We started by reducing our expenses as much as possible. I barely get a salary. I’m tired of eating Ramen, even though my kids love it!

Many of our readers know that I am building a house on my mountain property. I’m cutting as much expense as possible on that too. I build it myself. And I even saw as much lumber as I’m allowed (according to county building code)! For me, business and personal expenses are all connected.

I started my sawmill and I get a large stock of wood for my future cabin. It is also an opportunity. You may have seen the ad on our homepage.

If anyone needs wood, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I can cut it to size, and it’s from the High Park burn area on private property that still needs fire mitigation and maintenance. I kill two birds with one stone on this one.

So the other day I was in Forks at Livermore. I saw that they were hiring for several positions. Businesses these days can’t find help.

My entrepreneurial spirit leads me to help companies whenever I can, so if you see me in Forks at the register, know that I felt it was a great time to help them – while they help me.

My commitment to North Forty News in northern Colorado continues. I am a fighter.

I’m more excited than ever to be part of a solution; through our words and a lot of “elbow grease”. We are making a difference in Northern Colorado. We hope you’ll join us by signing up for a subscription, spreading the word, or if you’re a business owner, by advertising!

Thank you to those who ordered these hummingbird feeders and the Lost Ways book – we receive a small commission for this. Every little gesture counts.



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