Migrants at the border, crime, retirement of Star Tribune editor Mike Klingensmith

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Dropping buses full of unplanned migrants outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in DC and flying two planes of unplanned migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is a cartoonish and clever idea (“Migrants say they were misled about the destination”, September 17). Standing ovation, friends, for evil in action. Remember: don’t get angry; still get.

But these are not checkers, nor chess. Humanity desperately needs it. Human beings who have survived terrors that you and I cannot even imagine. Human beings who are just looking for a chance to work for their living in a safe environment. Human beings who believe in our promise of asylum, in our welcome into the “wretched scum” of the world.

Yes, we have a huge challenge. Yes, it’s a lot bigger than we ever imagined. But we too are bigger than we imagine. We have not stepped up seriously under the political administration of either party to confront and actualize what our principles demand. Certainly, it is not fair to expect our border states to deal with the whole problem. Sending migrants to other states makes sense, and it’s good for those in need when we distribute them in a fair and civilized way – which, of course, means planning their arrival times so that plans can be put in place that will work for everyone involved. .

Has “decency” left our vocabulary? Our behavior?

Shawn O’Rourke Gilbert, Edina


So, from the headlines, we’re supposed to believe that busing or flying Republican governors to liberal enclaves is a “cruel circus” or “political stunt.” It’s hard to get past the fact that headlines replace facts with opinion, news with propaganda. Where is the cruelty? Martha’s Vineyard is on my bucket list. And is it cruel to give citizens of sanctuary cities a chance to live up to their “All are welcome here” signs? As for the “political stunt,” liberal outrage gives us a glimpse into one of the most popular games they play: “How dare you do to us what we’re doing to you! President Joe Biden opened the floodgates to border states and parachuted migrants into various cities on flights for some time. Is it the distinction that it went unreported, which would play another liberal game: “If a tree falls in a forest, and the liberal reporters don’t report it, it hasn’t really product” ?

The game may be entering a more dangerous phase, with liberals like California Governor Gavin Newsom calling for federal investigations into Republican governors. Conservatives recognize that liberals have a tell that reveals what they do: they accuse you of doing what they actually do. Think for a moment what this portends as they called their opponents “fascists”.

Chip Allen, Woodbury


Last week I read about efforts to change the curriculum of our schools to preach the story of American exceptionalism. At the same time, we hear about the scourge of migrants who invade our country. It’s time we started ignoring the distortions of truth that we are getting.

Let’s look at the reality of the United States. In the 2020 census, only 3% of respondents considered themselves Native American and Alaska Native, alone or in combination with another race. This means that 97% of us are either migrants or descendants of migrants. The truth is that one of the reasons America is great is that most people who came to this land were looking for the opportunity it offered. They were willing to take the risk of leaving the known for the unknown. They were willing to work hard and take risks to improve their lot in life. It is America’s exceptionalism that has made it a great nation. Today, we again have migrants on our doorstep. They are also in search of a better life for their families, in search of life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. They are ready to work hard and support our great country.

We need these migrants to fill our jobs and provide the new blood and enthusiasm needed to maintain our nation and our democracy. Throughout our history, these migrants, whether colored or white, have helped us stay great. At the same time, Americans resented these newcomers, but they helped make us a great country: by keeping us together during the Civil War, by uniting us by building the transcontinental railroad and by keeping us free during the First and Second World Wars. Migrants will help us stay great if we decide to let them in.

Jim Weygand, sculptor


The movement of migrants by Republican governors from the US South to blue states and regions is completely abhorrent. This political stunt sounds far too much like the authoritarian leader and confidant of Vladimir Putin, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, who used Syrian refugees as pawns by flooding them on the Belarusian border with Poland in 2021.

It’s true that not everyone should be allowed into America, and America needs border patrol. However, I am frustrated when humanitarianism gets lost in the name of political grandstanding. The sickening displays of human dumping by these governors in areas across the country should be a warning to voters in Minnesota not to elect someone as governor who would pull stunts like this – like Republican nominee Scott Jensen – and re-elect incumbent Tim Walz instead in November. I can only take comfort in the fact that these Blue States will take care of these traumatized individuals as they figure out what to do with them instead of treating them as if they are inhumane.

William Cory Labovitch, South St. Paul


I had to laugh out loud reading last week’s story about the Minnesota Attorney General investigating Merwin Liquors and Winner Gas in Minneapolis (“AG probe Targets North Side corner,” September 16).

“Keeping people and communities safe is everyone’s business, so I encourage anyone with concerns about these companies to come forward,” said Keith Ellison. Even Mayor Jacob Frey intervenes. My question: where have you been for the last few years? The shootings that took place there a few days ago were the tipping point? What about the many other police calls to these companies since 2019? Were they not enough, or not important enough as long as they are contained in these sites? Dozens of community residents have expressed their “concerns” over the years to anyone and everyone in this town who might be able to intervene with barely an email answered or a solution offered. Almost every community meeting I’ve attended has asked questions about why these businesses have been allowed to operate as they are for so long. Why now?

Better late than never, I guess. I would just like to know who had enough strength to start a fire under these officials because I would like to meet him. We have a few other issues that we need to address.

Jeanne Torma, Minneapolis


Kudos to Mike Klingensmith aka “Superman” for keeping the gift wrapped on my doorstep every day for the past few decades! (“Star Tribune editor to retire in 2023,” Sept. 16.) Newspapers are an endangered species and without the guidance and leadership of this former “Fridleyite” I wouldn’t know what to do with my days. His work behind the scenes is a tribute to our community and, dare I say, the nation. This platform, both digital and physical, has had a huge impact on our thoughts and behaviors throughout our lives.

Thank you, Mr. Klingensmith! Let’s just hope that whoever is chosen as the next CEO and publisher is just as conscientious, determined and efficient as you are! They will have big shoes to put on!

Sharon E. Carlson, Andover