Miniclip acquires Sybo, the publisher behind Subway Surfers

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of Subway surfers, mini clip officially acquired the renowned publisher, Sibo. Details of the deal have yet to be made public, but the deal is a sign of consolidation in the game. Keeping in mind the popularity and huge access of Subway Surfers across the world, it is safe to assume that the deal would be very huge.

Deal brings Miniclip and Sybo together to deliver better games worldwide

Since its launch in 2012, the mobile endless runner game has been downloaded approximately 3 billion times. The game has grown its daily active user base from 20 million to 30 million over the past 18 months. Although both companies are private, Sybo CEO Mathias Gredal Nørvig said: “The acquisition agreement is the largest in European mobile games to date. This has been possible because the team has been consistently successful in bringing users back into the game.”

Norway also said “It is indeed monumental. The founders were proud of what they managed to accomplish with Subway Surfers becoming the biggest game, seeing how the market kept downloading, how players kept loving, how fans kept coming. Miniclip also has a very large active user base which is around 70 million per day, Miniclip numbers will now overtake Roblox thanks to this deal.

Picture via Miniclip

Saad Choudri, CEO of Miniclip, said “Sybo is one of the gems of the mobile game industry in terms of IP generated from a first mobile game.” He also added that Miniclip and Sybo share the same goal of prioritizing audience engagement, which helps them create the most popular games in the world and this agreement will only strengthen the drive to deliver better games. to users around the world.

Sybo’s Subway Surfers have already broken many world records

Sybo was founded in 2010 by graduates of the Danish animation school, Sylvester Rishoj Jensen and Bodie Jahn Mulliner. Subway surfers was co-developed with Kilo, a famous Danish game publisher. Since its launch in 2012, Subway Surfers has continued to introduce new content and grow an active user base around the game.

Subway Surfers was also the first game to cross the billion download mark on Google Play and bears the title of most downloaded mobile game. Subway Surfers also dominated the Apple App Store rankings in over 50 countries and was the number one downloaded game in 20 countries by the end of the first week.

Subway Surfers Blanket
Image via SYBO games

In 2020, Sybo took over the publishing role completely, and now Subway Surfers is fully published by Sybo and the company continues to introduce time-based updates and new content to the game. Gredal Nørvig said,

If you look at Subway from three years ago to where it is now, it’s a very different game. What people sometimes don’t realize is that you’re putting the effort, dev resources, time and whatever else you need to create a new game into what could be a feature in a pre-existing IP like this one.

Miniclip is also a world famous company founded in 2001. The company is now majority owned by Tencent and developed some of the most downloaded games in the industry. It has an audience base of 195 countries who enjoy Miniclip’s toy library with more than 60 games. Both Miniclip and Sybo have several new games set to launch this year, and now that Miniclip has acquired Sybo, the new acquisition agreement brings these highly acclaimed companies together and is definitely aimed at setting new milestones.

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