Musk: Doubts over spam accounts could scupper Twitter deal

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Alan Miller is on a mission to save democracy – a mission that led to the creation of the News Literacy Project, a non-profit organization that empowers college students to become savvy consumers of media. Through NLP, Miller wants to encourage students to learn how to deal with the deluge of information coming from their devices and the world.

In an age of widespread misinformation, journalists tend to focus on the bad guys, like social media companies that care more about their bottom line than bad news flooding their platforms. But we tend to do a poor job of focusing on our own biases, which can unwittingly lead us to distort facts, provide incorrect or incomplete reports, and create the perception of misinformation that we all strive to combat.

In theory, retention is the art and science of measuring short-term and long-term effectiveness in the continued retention of new and returning customers. The difficulty, however, is that in-app retention tactics typically involve a high degree of sophistication, pricing strategy, data reviews, marketing communication, and a keen sense of logistics. Here are six essential elements for the immediate and future sustainability of the loyalty of your advertiser or subscriber base.

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