Neustar partners with Permitive to protect advertiser and publisher identity data

Neustar, a TransUnion company, announced a partnership with Permitive to enable trusted connections between advertisers and publishers by bridging the gap between consumer identity data and a privacy-driven web.

The partnership brings together the Neustar Fabric data connectivity platform within the Permutive Audience platform to allow advertisers and publishers to collaborate securely without using third-party cookies or device identifiers. The partnership protects advertisers’ and publishers’ first-party identity data to bring addressability, transparency and privacy to digital advertising.

“This partnership opens up the connection between leading publishers and advertisers by delivering addressable advertising that scales while protecting publisher data and empowering their direct business,” said Steve Francolla, Head of Partnerships at Permutive. “Permutive’s audience platform powers the core publisher cohort infrastructure on the open web. Neustar Fabrick’s expansion to cohorts allows publishers to meet advertisers’ demand for their audiences in a secure environment. This partnership is the first integration of this type at Permitive and paves the way for a more responsible web.

Through this partnership, advertisers and publishers can work together to build and activate their desired audiences at scale through publisher cohorts on high-quality, premium publisher inventory. Publisher cohorts are a privacy-preserving activation approach that groups like-minded users based on similar characteristics and behaviors, without identifying individuals.

Advertiser audiences are activated as publisher cohorts through Permutive’s real-time audience platform. This approach improves accuracy and significantly addresses consumer privacy. Advertisers will benefit from the wealth of first-party publisher data, real-time audience insights, and transactions on a privacy-driven infrastructure. Publishers will benefit from generating revenue through direct and reliable connections with advertisers while maintaining control of their data.

“For the first time, publishers and advertisers can run highly accurate audience targeting campaigns without using cookies or mobile ad IDs,” said Steve Silvers, SVP of Product at Neustar, a technology company. Trans Union. “Buyers and sellers can conduct transactions using valuable consumer information without fear of data leakage or loss of scale, and which significantly addresses privacy considerations given the changing landscape. “