New publisher Frank Miller Presents is launching a surprise $1 comic on August 17

Frank Miller Presents (FMP), the new publishing house created and curated by the titular comic legend, will release its first title through specialty comic book stores serviced by Diamond Comic Distributors on Wednesday, August 17 in what FMP calls a “surprise fall”. “

The original 32-page Ashcan Edition comic includes two stories – Frank Miller’s Ronin Book II by Miller, Philip Tan and Daniel Henriques, and Ancient Enemies by FMP editor Dan DiDio featuring Danilo Beyruth and Alex Sinclair. The special comic will also feature previews of other upcoming FMP titles.

The FMP Ashcan Edition will have a suggested retail price of $1 for readers and collectors, but will ship free to comic book retailers as an introduction to the new publisher.

It will not initially be available digitally.

“It’s a celebration of craftsmanship and comics and my way of continuing to contribute to the industry that I love. Everything about this ashtray, from the style of the stories to the look of the book, tells me the comic,” Miller says in the announcement.

Frank Miller presents the logo

Frank Miller presents the logo (Image credit: Frank Miller Presents)

The 10-page story of Ronin Book II recaps Miller’s original Ronin series released by DC in 1983 before The Dark Knight Returns and catches up with Casey McKenna as she “journeys across America’s ravaged landscape in search of the new Ronin”.

The 17-page story of Ancient Enemies is a prequel to the upcoming series, which tells of a “thousand-year-old galactic war before the main combatants arrive on Earth and threaten all existence.”

Frank Miller Presents Ashtray Cover (Image credit: Frank Miller Presents)

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“I’ve wanted to do my series for a while, and publishing it with a company I helped start with Frank is a dream come true. It’s been great to use my years of comic book experience on a line of books I believe in,” says DiDio. the former DC editor.

“In conjunction with Diamond distributors, this first shipment of the ashtray will be allocated to stores, but additional copies will be available for purchase through Diamond while supplies last.”

FMP was announced in April and aspires to “invest in artists and the future of comics” by publishing both new original work by Miller – who is also its editor – as well as comic creators. new and seasoned comics. The new imprint aims to publish two to four titles per year, created and organized into “one line of comics to capture Miller’s distinct visual style”.

In the original FMP announcement, Miller also promised a return to his iconic black franchise in Sin City 1858 set in Sin City’s origins in the Wild West.

“Frank Miller and Frank Miller Ink have a long history of independence and innovation while working with other publishers. While we appreciate these incredible relationships, it’s a special moment to see the properties under the umbrella of Frank Miller Ink published by Frank himself,” concludes Silenn Thomas, CEO, Frank Miller Ink and COO, FMP.