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  • Partnership leveraging each other’s strength in digital capabilities, technology assets, and expansive ecosystems to deliver a high-quality gaming experience to users

TM WHOLESALE, the domestic and international wholesale business arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), and Swarmio Media Holdings Inc. (CSE: SWRM), a global gaming and esports technology company, today announced that they have signed a master collaboration agreement to provide gaming and esports services across the ASEAN region with accessible, high-quality digital experiences.

The collaboration allows both companies to capitalize on their core capabilities and bring an exceptional digital experience to the table. TM WHOLESALE will provide Swarmio with access to its extensive coverage and extensive network and infrastructure ecosystems to bring Ember, Swarmio’s plug and play esports and gaming platform, closer to users.

It will also allow Swarmio’s latency-optimized Edge Computing technology to expand, allowing Ember subscribers to enjoy ultra-low latency gaming experiences with faster download speeds. The collaboration will see TM WHOLESALE actively participate in the marketing, distribution and sales of Ember to its existing customer network of major telecom operators across the Middle East , Asia Oceania and Africa.

Commenting on the collaboration, Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, Executive Vice President of TM WHOLESALE, said, “The gaming and esports industry has become one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment over the past two years, and watching this thriving mega-dollar industry emerge as a game-changer, TM WHOLESALE is thrilled to be a part of this new business opportunity.”

“This collaboration is an exciting step for TM WHOLESALE as we continue to adapt to the current digital trend and grow our business, going beyond simple connectivity. It complements the leading ecosystem offerings on which we have been working for content and digital solutions, which we call the TM Edge solution. It will be amazing to collaborate with a partner like Swarmio on this new endeavor and bring the power of the gaming industry to our telecom partners at across the region,” Amar added.

Meanwhile, Vijai Karthigesu CEO of Swarmio Media, said, “We are extremely pleased to be working with TM WHOLESALE – a leading force in the ASEAN telecommunications market – and to benefit from their strong reputation and extensive network to increase reach. of our platform with telecom operators in a number of countries. key regions. This collaboration enables us to significantly strengthen our operations and provide high-quality gaming and esports service to telecom users in ASEAN. We are confident that this partnership will be impactful and lucrative in the months and years to come. ”

Swarmio’s fully managed plug-and-play Ember platform can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with major telecom operations, enabling telecom operators to engage and monetize gaming subscribers, ultimately gaining immediate and significant to the multi-billion dollar market. It provides a proprietary digital hub for gaming communities, giving them access to an ultra-low latency gaming experience, competitive tournaments, exclusive gaming content, community management, a gamification and points, an online store (Swarmio Store), an electronic player wallet (Swarmio Pay), as well as personalized digital content.

This collaboration also demonstrates TM WHOLESALE’s capabilities to provide a trusted edge ecosystem that includes Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Edge Compute Platform, Last Mile Delivery and other digital services in course of development, all with a deep advantage in the country. network coverage, ensuring the best service performance and quality experience for all users worldwide.

About TM Wholesale

TM WHOLESALE is the domestic and international wholesale business arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), offering a full range of wholesale communication services and solutions in the area of ​​connectivity and beyond. We are the trusted partner to deliver seamless integrated solutions and endless possibilities to accelerate customer connectivity and coverage to the digital world, making innovations possible.

As a national digital infrastructure accelerator, TM WHOLESALE is committed to driving malaysia aspirations of the digital economy through end-to-end and customized data, connectivity and wholesale platform solutions to licensed Malaysian service providers, enabling them to deliver a high-quality digital experience to end customers .

On the global front, we remain focused on expanding our digital infrastructure and solutions through a partnership ecosystem with global carriers as well as hyperscalers around the world. By improving our global connectivity, network infrastructure and collective expertise around the world, we aim to position Malaysia as the trusted digital hub for the ASEAN region.

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About TM

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), is the national provider of connectivity and digital infrastructure and malaysia leader in integrated telecommunications; set up to enable Digital Malaysia by offering a comprehensive suite of communications services and solutions in the areas of fixed (telephony and broadband), mobility, content, WiFi, Cloud, data center, cybersecurity, IoT and smart services. TM is driven by creating value for stakeholders in a highly competitive environment; and focuses on providing an enhanced customer experience through continuous improvements and innovations in the quality of customer service, while focusing on increased operational efficiency and productivity.

As an enabler of Digital Malaysia, TM has been at the forefront of every evolution of the country’s telecommunications technologies and will continue to do so. It provides the communications backbone of Malaysia and is a digital hub for ASEAN; with the widest convergence connectivity network and digital infrastructure. TM remains committed to serving a more digital lifestyle and society, digital businesses and digital government – to make “life and business easier, for a better Malaysia “.

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About Swarmio Media

Swarmio (CSE: SWRM) is a publicly traded technology company focused on providing an end-to-end gaming and esports platform for telecom operators to monetize their subscribers. Using its patented state-of-the-art computing technology, Swarmio has engaged with several telecom operators who have launched its solution allowing their subscribers to access tournaments, engage in a localized gaming community, challenge friends and influencers and earn points that can be used to purchase game content.

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