Note from our editor: We’re getting a tech upgrade

I am happy to announce that LkldNow has received a $20,000 grant for sustainable publishing solutions of the Knight Foundation. We were one of 25 independent newsrooms chosen for the grant through a national competitive process.

Many thanks to Trinity Laurino, our Director of Community Engagement, for putting together our application under a very tight deadline.

The purpose of the grant is to enable digital newsrooms to upgrade their underlying technology. (The grant will not fund our newsroom; we still need community support for this.)

LkldNow will use the grant for both the redesign of our website and the transition to Newspacka publishing platform designed for small and medium-sized news organizations that incorporates best practices for presenting news and increasing readership.

We look forward to being part of Newspack. First of all, it is part of Automatiquethe company behind WordPress, which powers LkldNow and 455 million other websites so that we know we will have world-class technical support. Second, Newspack’s staff and the nearly 200 participating news organizations include some of the best minds in independent news publishing and there is an emphasis on collaboration and problem solving.

Some of the goals of our redesign will be to improve site readability, increase reader engagement, and improve our offerings for local businesses that support LkldNow through sponsorships.

We’re in the very early stages of planning the new design, so we don’t yet know when our readers will see it. We are aiming for November. We will keep you posted.

— Barry Friedman, Editor and Publisher, LkldNow