Note to our readers from the editor

As far as I know, we live in unprecedented and uncertain times, politically, economically, medically and culturally, and censorship continues to be a very real and growing concern through social media, search engines and now our government .

We appreciate you buying the papers in town, and indeed we even appreciate those of you who pick them up and read them free of charge. However, the Village News asks our readers who are not yet subscribers to consider supporting our cause and take a step to connect directly with us so that we can continue to thrive and serve everyone.

Our reporters spend hundreds of hours a week reporting on news, entertainment, local government and telling the great stories of our residents. They do an amazing job monitoring our state and county governments, local councils and agencies, 19 public schools and their students/athletes, dozens of non-profit organizations while covering breaking news. This is impossible without the direct support of our readers and our community. Everyone really has a chance to be in our small town newspaper.

We also document our local history, good and bad, online and in indelible print. This valuable service to the community is becoming increasingly complicated and expensive. We have continued to be a beacon of truth whether the information is politically correct or not. Our readers have had the privilege of reading more than the “truth” issued by the government so that they can decide the issues for themselves. We’ve also taken the time to examine, educate, cover, and debate tough issues like CRT, racism, forced mandates, vaccine effectiveness, and more.

We are passionate about our jobs and would like to expand our team. As we work quietly in the background, we understand the gravity of our role. Our challenge is that we cannot do this alone. We need at least a thousand local citizens, nonprofits, businesses, and churches to sign up today to support us with an annual subscription/membership, a monthly subscription for 4, $99 or a donation.

We are developing new online systems and products to give our subscribers quick access to our verified and trusted news and information which we produce and broadcast 24/7 in addition to thousands of archived stories and photos.

It is nearly impossible for a worker to attend every board meeting in town and county. By supporting us, it allows you to continue to operate at the highest level and make the best use of your family’s time. Think of your subscription as an investment in our staff and a time saver for you. You will be more informed. Knowledge is truly power. Having informed citizens is essential to staying free. We are the primary communications hub in our communities, operating with journalistic integrity and award-winning stories.

Help us achieve our goal of increasing our paid subscribers by 1,000 in our readership area of ​​approximately 75,000. We believe this is a reasonable and achievable goal. To subscribe, go to or call us to subscribe or advertise at 760-723-7319.

Thank you!

Julie Reder