Publisher apologizes for ‘lack of research’ after posting obvious Unpacking clone

A mobile clone of Unpacking, the popular indie game where you arrange pixel art elements, was quickly removed from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store after the original game’s developer, Witch Beam Games, dumped it. called on Twitter. Egor Vaihanski, CEO of the scam game’s publisher, apologized in a statement to Kotaku, citing a “lack of research” in the clone developer’s submission.

“The game clearly resembles ‘Unpacking’ and that resemblance goes way beyond the title of the game. We got it wrong and we apologize,” Vaihanski said.

The clone is called Unpacking Master, a title anyone could easily google to find similar games, and it looks incredibly similar to Witch Beam Games’ Unpacking. Unpacking, the original, doesn’t currently have a mobile version, and Unpacking Master was probably created to take advantage of that. The 2D game features the same mundane, household rooms filled with shelves and drawers to place things on. You can see the similarities in a Tweet from Witch Beam Games which compares Unpacking directly with the clone.

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Several other Unpacking clones exist on the Google Play Store, but Unpacking Master rose to the top via ads on TikTok and Instagram, from Witch Beam Games. “It’s demoralizing for a small team like ours to see content that we spent literally years planning, refining and handcrafting being hastily reproduced in an ad-riddled opportunistic app just three months after our launch,” the developer said. wrote.

Earlier this month, a spunky clone developer bragged on Twitter about their successful mobile version of popular word game Wordle. His game, Wordle – The App, was removed from the App Store, along with all other games with “Wordle” in the title. Despite this, clones of Wordle still exist on the App Store under various names, such as “Wordus”. Developers who get their games stolen for mobile ports apparently depend on Google and Apple to decide what’s acceptable and what’s not.

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