Publisher D3 Announces Samurai Maiden Game

Announced in a statement released by the publisher itself, the game will offer a new take on the Schoolgirl-Meets-Ninjas formula already seen in series such as Senran Kagura. In particular, D3 Publisher seeks to regain the popularity that had onechanbara franchise in the past, but via a completely new IP address.

D3 Publisher and Shade again know very well the field in which they work. Shade has developed games like Bullet Girls Phantasia Where Kandagawa Jet Girls, which have a high level of fan service. In samurai girlvisual violence will be reduced compared to onechanbara, but, although reduced, the provocative touch of Shade games will remain. For instance: the heroine will have to kiss other girls to unleash its full power.

samurai girl begins when, after a boring history lesson, Tsumugi Tamaori falls asleep and travels back in time to the Sengoku period. There she will meet Nobunaga Oda, the historical figure who succeeded in unifying Japan for the first time. Together, they will see how the famous Honnoji temple becomes the entry point for monsters from the underworld to Earth. Desperate to not have enough heroes at his disposal, Oda makes the decision to trust Tsumugi to become the hero who saves the world. To do this, he gives her the Evil Protection Blade which she can use to confront evil beings.

Luckily for Nobunaga, Tsumugi has combat experience and knows how to use a sword. His knowledge of his history and his upbringing in modern times will be factors that may help him fight zombies and other creatures more easily. And she will not be alone: ​​with her will be the ninjas of the Gokage group, three brave warriors who will accompany Tsumugi and, little by little, they will become more and more friends with her.

The Gokage: Iyo, Hagane and Komimi, will be the ones ready to help, with his lips and his weapons, so that Tsumugi can unleash his full power and abilities. But for that moment to come, you will first have to develop a relationship of trust with them by talking to each other, helping each other and fighting monsters. With the addition of these characters, what Shade does is have a combination of samurai and ninja power at the same time. Thus, the heroine will use her sword with energetic cuts and the ninjas will move quickly using their kunai and different yin yang jutsu attacks.

Action and samurai fans will find similarities between samurai girl and other games, onechanbara at Senran Kagura or of course Onimusha. In reality, it looks like a game very similar to Capcom’s classic, but with a more pronounced anime style and possibly the usual features of D3 Publisher and Shade. However, it’s important to remember that it will have a Teen rating and that will set it a lot apart from other projects from both companies.

For now, these voice actors have been announced:

  • Yuki Yomichi as Tsumugi Tamaori
  • Miku Itō as Iyo
  • Sumire Uesaka as Hagane
  • Miyu Tomita as Komimi
  • Takaya Kuroda as Nobunaga Oda

And D3 Publisher has already confirmed that the character designs are the work of Miwano Rag.

Source: Press release, Samurai Maiden website