Publisher Elden Ring makes 100 players “Lords and Ladies” official

The ultimate achievement.

With the release of yesterday’s launch trailer, all systems are ready for the release of Ring of Elden Friday. Fans of the game are spamming social media with anxious memes ahead of the fateful day, but only a select few will be chosen to achieve greatness. At least that’s what Bandai Namco UK is offering: as part of a new competition, 100 players will be named official “Elden Ladies and Lords”. The competition is organized in collaboration with Highland Titles.

While these fancy titles aren’t the same as having a hereditary title, they technically can be used on legal documents. “Our customers have shared stories about everything from flight upgrades to preferential treatment,” says Highland Titles.

Winners will receive a special certificate and a ‘souvenir piece of land’ at Highland Titles Nature Reserve near Glencoe in Scotland. Plots from 1 to 100 square feet are available, and the company’s website claims customers will get a “personal right” to their land. This means that you are free to visit your small area and, as Highland asks, “do what you want with the land within the normal limits of the law”.

Those who enter the contest can also nominate a friend or family member for the title.

The contest opens on February 25 and will run until March 11. Unfortunately, it is only open to participants based in the UK and Ireland over the age of 16. To enter, you must also be prepared to explain why the nominee deserves the auspicious title.

Ring of Elden will be released this Friday on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. A six-minute trailer was released over the weekend. On Monday, Bandai Namco announced when the game would be playable in all regions. PC specs for the FromSoftware title have also been announced, and those looking to use the game’s recommended settings will need a fairly powerful machine.