Publisher Zando Announces Handprints of Lena Waithe and Gillian Flynn – Deadline

Zando, the independent publisher whose stated mission is to collaborate with influential creators, authors, platforms and institutions to acquire and publish titles under their own brands, named Lena Waithe and missing girl author Gillian Flynn as its first founding publishing partners.

Each of the two will have an imprint – actress/producer Waithe’s titles will be published under Hillman Grad Books, while Flynn, currently at work on her forthcoming novel to be published by Penguin Random House, will publish her Zando selections under Gillian Flynn Books. Both will work alongside Zando’s editorial team to identify, promote and publish the authors of their choice.

For Waithe’s Hillman Grad Books, Rishi Rajani and Naomi Funabashi will oversee actress-producer Hillman Grad’s production company.

“Lena Waithe and Gillian Flynn are dream publishing partners for Zando,” said Zando CEO Molly Stern, the former Crown publisher who published Flynn’s missing girl and, in 2018, that of Michelle Obama To become. “I’m no different from the millions of other readers who know what these remarkable creators stand for, respect their unique vision and trust their taste. Lena and Gillian are cultural pioneers who devour and celebrate exciting new works of literature and share my desire to support new voices.

With Zando’s support, each partner will be involved at every stage of the publishing process, for their respective footprints since acquisition, offering creative input during editing and guiding a book’s release to market. Flynn and Waithe will use their personal and cultural capital on their individual platforms to support each of their books, providing a powerful outreach infrastructure.

According to Zando, each partner will be involved in every step of the publishing process for their respective imprints since acquisition, providing “creative input” during editing and guiding a book’s release to market. Zando says Flynn and Waithe will “use their personal and cultural capital on their individual platforms to support each of their books, providing a powerful outreach infrastructure.”

“When I first met Molly several years ago, I knew we were going to create something special,” Waithe said in a statement. “As Hillman Grad has grown, Rishi and I have had the opportunity to support underrepresented voices in film, television and music. Now we can do the same for books and we couldn’t be more excited. »

Says Flynn: “Books have often saved me, and they have certainly nourished me every step of the way. I love being a writer and now I’m thrilled to work with Molly as an editor, helping distinctive voices find all the readers who are looking for the unique. Creating my own footprint with Zando is truly an honor – I can’t wait to start the conversation around the books I love.

Each of Zando’s partners will publish four to six books over a three-year period, with titles reflecting their distinct storytelling interests and viewpoints. Hillman Grad Books’ list is expected to feature works by underrepresented voices including memoirs, literary and YA fiction, while Gillian Flynn Books will feature writers working across genres, both in fiction and non-fiction, including narrative non-fiction and true crime.

Zando is actively acquiring books with Waithe and Flynn for their inaugural listings. The publisher plans to announce additional partners in the coming months and will publish its first books under its eponymous brand in the spring of 2022.