Remembering the Life of Former Fort Myers News-Press Editor Dan Martin in the Newspapers

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Kimberly Mata-Rubio, a reporter for The Uvalde Leader-News, is among hundreds of mothers who have buried their children this year because of gun violence. His daughter, Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, “Lexi”, died at her elementary school on May 24, 2022, one of 21 people to have their lives robbed that morning. None of their families, community or newsroom will ever be whole again.

Incidents of gun violence on school grounds don’t always get the attention of the national press, but these are, increasingly, the types of crimes that local newsrooms are reluctantly finding themselves covering. Pushed into these serious moments of community crisis, journalists must make quick decisions about how to fulfill their duty to inform the public while exercising exceptional restraint and caution in how they acquire information. , approach sources and communicate with their audience.

Companies used to pay obscene sums of money to newspapers to carry aid announcements; then job seekers paid to access where the employers were. But monopolies rarely last forever, and like every other facet of life, the Internet has arrived and disrupted traditional dynamics. So what’s the alternative to a dating app culture that’s becoming how we hire people?

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