Santa Barbara Talks Podcast: Editor Bill Macfadyen talks about the future of Noozhawk | Local News

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Noozhawk publisher and founder Bill Macfadyen talks about the company’s plans for 2022 and beyond in this special edition of Santa Barbara Talks with Josh Molina.

Macfadyen founded Noozhawk 15 years ago. In this podcast, Macfadyen talks about the creation of Noozhawk and its rise to being a top news source with often over 100,000 readers per week.

He also talks about his beginnings in journalism, his employment by the New York Times Company and his transition to an entrepreneur.

“In the age of the internet, where there are blogs, there are social media platforms, anyone can go there and say anything, and it’s good if you can understand the parameters there, but at some point you want to know, ‘what can I trust?’ “, Says Macfadyen. “Most importantly, for us, is this a community that I recognize?”

Macfadyen also answers questions about whether Noozhawk is liberal, conservative or something else, and why Noozhawk doesn’t do political endorsements.

Macfadyen also talks about plans for 2022, including a direct public offering, as well as writer Jade Martinez-Pogue’s upcoming round of investigations into mental health beds in Santa Barbara County.

Josh Molina is a Noozhawk reporter who hosts his own separate, independent podcast, Santa Barbara Talks with Josh Molina.

Please subscribe to her YouTube channel and visit her website, Molina interviews a variety of people in education, business, politics, media and culture every week.

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